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Bass announces for old seat, praises tea party movement

February 18, 2010 by Patrick  
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Here is Charlie Bass’ announcement video:

Here’s what he told the Union Leader’s John DiStaso about the tea party movement:

Bass rejected any suggestion that he’s simply a Washington insider retread, a charge his opponents of both parties rolled out immediately in various forms yesterday.

“There’s a big difference between experienced leadership and being a Washington insider,” he said. “I was anything but a Washington insider” while in Congress.

And just for extra emphasis on that point, Bass cozied up to the tea party movement.

“I love them,” Bass said. “God bless every single one of them. You know what their agenda is? Exactly the same as mine.

“They want a new environment in Washington,” he said, and are “just as terrified as I am about the spending that’s going on.

“I’d stand right with them any day of the week because they have started a grassroots movement in American that is going to save our nation,” Bass said.


One Response to “Bass announces for old seat, praises tea party movement”
  1. NHTPC says:

    That’s nice that he has praise for the movement but keep in mind there is no such thing as a ‘tea party candidate’ since the NHTPC does NOT endorse. Thus none of the candidates has the right to declare himself the tea party ‘candidate’.

    The voters will see for themselves who the true grassroots candidate is and if his agenda is exactly like theirs, by his prior record and level of involvement with our events.


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