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Boutin defeats Goley in bellwether state senate special election

February 16, 2010 by Patrick  
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In what political observers are viewing as a major blow to Democratic Gov. John Lynch’s agenda and a foretaste of a potential Democratic bloodletting in November, Republican David Boutin defeated Democrat Jeff Goley in the District 16 state Senate special election, despite being vastly outspent.

Goley and the Democrat Party, led by Ray Buckley, poured money into the race, hoping desperately to convince voters that Goley was not a tax-and-spend Democrat. Goley and the Democrats distributed a controversial mailer claiming Goley would “reform” the LLC Tax when in fact Goley had supported the LLC Tax and voted to pass it into law.

Goley also claimed to be an ardent warrior against a state income tax. However, an early version of a Project Vote Smart survey on the Internet indicated Goley actually supported an income tax. When asked about it, Project Vote Smart actually changed Goley’s answer to the question.

Goley’s defeat is a blow to Democrat U.S. Senate hopeful Paul Hodes who weighed in heavily by going door-to-door with Goley and donating him staff and money.

The victory is seen as another notch in Gov. John Sununu’s belt since he has taken over as chairman of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee.


One Response to “Boutin defeats Goley in bellwether state senate special election”
  1. Pat says:

    One almost dares to hope that NH voters are starting to come to their senses, and seeing the tax-and-spend mess our state has become in less than four years, will keep this up in November.

    You can’t blame “the economy” for double-digit year-over-year budget increases, dozens of new taxes (including now two retroactive ones – which the NH Constitution explicitly forbids), skyrocketing debt and deficits, and accounting gimmicks (“let’s just not close last year’s books”) to try and circumvent the Constitutional requirement to balance the budget.

    I’m not necessarily on board with all of the right’s social agenda but I prefer to have arguments about gay marriage or right to life rather than see our state become a financial shipwreck under the left, and leave billions in debt to our children and their children. Fix the finances, mind our own business and don’t tell others how to run their lives, and NH will become healthy again.

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