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Ashooh: I supported the LLC Tax before I was against it

February 11, 2010 by Staff Reporter  
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Republican congressional candidate Rich Ashooh responded to John DiStaso’s inquiry about Ashooh’s reported support for the Democrats’ LLC Tax while a member of the board of directors of the Business and Industry Association. Ashooh’s support for the LLC Tax was first reported by

Ricgard Ashooh

Ashooh’s answer is non-responsive:

BEATING ON RICH. Ashooh has been taking hits from conservative blogger Patrick Hynes, who writes that Ashooh, as a member of the BIA’s board of directors last June, voted to support the controversial expansion of the interest and dividends tax to limited liability companies.

But Ashooh said that as a member of the BIA board, “and as a taxpayer,” he opposed the tax. He said the board, while supporting a version of the state budget in which the LLC tax was tucked away, later voted specifically to “support a repeal” of the LLC tax and he argued in favor of repeal.

Ashooh indeed supported the BIA’s endorsement of the Democrats’ state budget, which included the LLC Tax, as DiStaso reports. By reversing his position to now favor repeal of the tax, Ashooh is employing a formulation popularized by Sen. John Kerry: He was for it before he was against it.

And as has further reported, Ashooh directed at least two political action committees he controls to donate campaign money to Democrats who support the LLC Tax, including Gov. John Lynch and Sen. Maggie Hassan.

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