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Source: Ashooh backed Lynch’s LLC Tax while on BIA board

February 9, 2010 by Patrick  
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A source close to the situation tells that defense industry lobbyist and Republican candidate for Congress Rich Ashooh approved of the Business and Industry Association’s endorsement of the Democrats’ LLC Tax last June. The source asked to remain anonymous.

Rich Ashooh with John Lynch and Jeanne Shaheen

Rich Ashooh with John Lynch and Jeanne Shaheen

Ashooh, a Bedford Republican, voted in favor of supporting the Democrats’ budget, which included the recent expansion of the interest and dividends tax to limited liability companies in his position as a member of the Board of Directors of the Business and Industry Association, the source said. gave the Ashooh campaign over 24 hours to refute the source’s version of events but they did not respond. Ashooh is attempting to position himself as a “fiscal conservative” in his campaign for the GOP nomination in the first congressional district.

Though there was some debate among the BIA’s board of directors about whether or not to back the budget and the LLC Tax, there was only one dissenting vote in the end, and it wasn’t Ashooh’s, our source confirms.

The BIA has since flip-flopped on its position and now says it wants the LLC Tax repealed.

According to our source, the BIA was forced to reverse its position after hundreds of member companies accused the organization’s board of directors of valuing their political relationship with Democrats in Concord over the interests of its members.

As has previously reported, Ashooh also directed two state political action committees he ran in 2008 (one of which was the BIA’s PAC) to donate to pro-LLC Tax Democrats, including Gov. Lynch, Sen. Maggie Hassan and Sen. Sylvia Larsen.

The LLC Tax has been called an income tax on small businesses by some and has been much maligned in the press by small business owners, chambers of commerce, CPA’s and Republican legislative leaders. The New Hampshire Republican Party has called the tax “disastrous” and a “job-killing small business income tax.” In a statement condemning Governor John Lynch for signing the LLC tax into law former Governor John H. Sununu and NH GOP Chairman said the following, “Governor Lynch broke his pledge when he signed a budget that imposes this job-killing income tax on New Hampshire’s small business owners. At today’s hearing, the Governor saw the outrage produced by his failure to keep that commitment.”


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