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Buckley privately invokes 1994 as Dems struggle

February 8, 2010 by Patrick  
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He may be full of bluster and contemptuous insults for Republicans while in New Hampshire but privately New Hampshire Democrat Party Chairman Ray Buckley is nervous that those Republicans will pound his team in the 2010 mid-term election.

During the DNC’s winter meeting in Washington this weekend Buckley and Democratic Party Vice Chair Martha Fuller Clark warned that their deflated base may stay home in November, according to Politico:

Raymond Buckley, the Democratic chairman in New Hampshire, brought up the party’s wipeout in 1994, when they lost both the House and Senate two years after President Clinton was elected.

“The Democratic base…sat home,” Buckley reminded fellow party members from the Eastern region in a session that was part pep talk and part intervention. “And that was just enough.”

“We are nervous — we are all nervous,” added state Sen. Martha Fuller Clark, a vice chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party. “We don’t have Bush on the ballot and we don’t have the great presidential candidacy of Barack Obama in 2008.”

Buckley also complained that the Party has failed to hone and deliver its message:

Raymond Buckley, the chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party, said the national Democratic party needs to help state groups elevate the Obama campaign rhetoric.

“We can’t win in 2010 if all we’re doing is celebrating the election of 2008,” said Buckley, who is also vice chairman of the DNC. “We haven’t gotten out the message of this administration’s successes.”

These private revelations by Buckley stand in stark contrast to the everything-is-fine attitude the Chairman has displayed publicly at recently appearances on such media venues as NHPR’s “The Exchange.”

In another awkward situation for Buckley video has surfaced showing him going in for a hug with President Obama who offers Buckley no more than a handshake:

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