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Republicans pound Goley for misleading mail on LLC Tax

February 4, 2010 by Patrick  
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Rep. Jeff Goley, the Democratic candidate for State Senate in the District 16 special election made an outrageous claim in the mail today. He says that if elected he will “lead the fight to reform the LLC Tax.” There’s only one problem: Goley actually voted for the LLC Tax while his opponent Republican Dave Boutin opposes it.

The state GOP has scorched Goley in a press release:

“Jeff Goley’s deceitful LLC tax mailer sets a new standard for dishonesty in New Hampshire politics. It confirms that Mr. Goley lacks the integrity and honesty that New Hampshire voters expect from their elected leaders.

“Jeff Goley voted to impose the Democrats’ job-killing LLC income tax on over 40,000 New Hampshire small business owners. Now he’s desperately trying to trick District 16 residents into believing that he opposes the same disastrous tax he helped create. Fortunately, Granite Staters are smart enough to see through such dishonesty and realize that Jeff Goley still supports the reckless tax and spend agenda that is bankrupting New Hampshire and crippling our state’s economy.

“Dave Boutin is the only person running in this race who stood up for small business owners and opposed this tax – and he is the only candidate who has the backbone to lead the fight to repeal it.

“During these challenging economic times, New Hampshire families need a proven tax fighter like Dave Boutin in the State Senate instead of politicans like Jeff Goley who will do and say anything to get elected.”




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