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Ashooh-led PACs donated to Lynch, Dems

February 4, 2010 by Patrick  
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Despite promising to “bring conservative, common sense to Washington, and restore fiscal restraint and the economic principles that will create private sector jobs,” Republican Congressional candidate Rich Ashooh has chaired two state political action committees that donated handsomely in 2008 to Democrats who back new and higher taxes.

Rich Ashooh with John Lynch and Jeanne Shaheen

Rich Ashooh with John Lynch and Jeanne Shaheen

BAE Systems NH PAC donated $1,000 to Democrat Gov. John Lynch’s reelection effort. Ashooh is the chairman of the PAC. Lynch signed and has defended the state’s controversial LLC Tax, which has enraged the Granite State’s small business community.

New Hampshire Business PAC donated to Democrat State Senators Lou D’Allesandro ($250), Maggie Hassan ($300) and Sylvia Larsen ($250). Ashooh is the chairman of this PAC, as well. Hassan has become the face of the anti-business LLC Tax.

Adviser Jamie Burnett defended Ashooh’s conservative credentials however, telling, “Rich Ashooh has never voted for a Democrat, and never personally donated money to a Democrat. He is a life-long Republican who has worked to elect countless Republican candidates. The BIA and BAE Systems PACs are non-partisan, pro-business PACs governed by a diverse board of individuals.”

Ashooh is running in the first congressional district to unseat the embattled Rep. Carol Shea-Porter.


3 Responses to “Ashooh-led PACs donated to Lynch, Dems”
  1. Laurie from Bartlett says:

    Hmmmm……conservatives in NH worked hard trying to defeat the LLC tax and now this man misrepresents himself as a “conservative”??? Sorry but we aren’t blind and we don’t like what we see. Looks like a dem trying to position himself as a conservative. Go Guinta!!!


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