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Binnie leaves door open for tax increases (Update: Campaign disagrees)

February 3, 2010 by Patrick  
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Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Bill Binnie seems to be open to raising taxes to reduce the deficit, a video of a recent candidate forum shows.

Answering a question this weekend about whether he supports a special commission to reduce the federal budget deficit, Binnie said, “I think it was a very good idea and I heartily support that but I think we need to put everything on the table, ladies and gentlemen, with the possible exception of veterans and our defense.”

Binnie is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on television in an attempt to define himself as a fiscal conservative. But the Wall Street Journal has opined that such a deficit commission would inevitably raise taxes and many conservatives view language such as “put everything on the table,” to mean Congress should consider raising taxes.

And when asked if Binnie’s comments seemed to indicate an openness to tax increases to balance the budget, Adam Radman from Americans for Tax Reform replied, “I think that would be a fair interpretation of the comment.”

Radman also told that Mr. Binnie has yet to sign his organization’s famous Taxpayer Protection Pledge. Binnie rivals Kelly Ayotte and Ovide Lamontagne have signed the pledge not to raise taxes should they be elected in November.

Binnie provoked the ire of social conservatives last week when he defended his pro-choice position on abortion because some people may not be able to afford special needs children.

Binnie’s campaign did not respond to’s request for comment on this story.

UPDATE: Binnie’s campaign responded to our request for comment by saying, “Bill (sic) position on taxes is clear,” with a link to his campaign Website issue page.

UPDATE II: The Binnie campaign contacted a second time to say Binnie would only look to spending cuts to balance the budget and would not support tax increases.


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