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Guinta raised $61K for Q4

February 1, 2010 by Staff Reporter  
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First district congressional candidate Frank Guinta spent more than he raised during the fourth and final fundraising quarter in 2009, learned on Monday morning.

Guinta’s report, filed with the Federal Elections Commission, shows he took in around $61,000 during the final three months of last year but spending around $68,000.

Republicans have expressed concern over Guinta’s less-than-stellar fundraising and there was heightened chatter over the weekend that his numbers would be particularly troubling for GOP who feels it has embattled and beleaguered Democratic incumbent Carol Shea-Porter on the ropes and viewed Guinta as a prize recruit.

Politico has labeled Guinta a “recruiting dud.”

The report is almost certain to accelerate defense industry lobbyist Richard Ashooh’s entrance into the race for the GOP nomination. It may attract others, as well. has heard the name of Republican National Committeeman Sean Mahoney mentioned with greater frequency in the context of this race.


One Response to “Guinta raised $61K for Q4”
  1. Patrick says:

    By the way Guinta has been selling himself, you would think he raised $500,000 in Q4. But, he didn’t, and never will.

    People do not want to invest their money in someone who plays nothing but dirty tactics and can only spew Republican talking points fed to him.

    I am not a Republican and will not support one in this race, but EVERYBODY knows there are much more qualified Republican candidates then this guy.

    Doesn’t look like he’ll ever get the $20,000 he gave is campaign back, ouch!

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