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Leftwing blog repeats ‘big lie’ about Breitbart UPDATE: Breitbart punches back at critics

January 31, 2010 by Staff Reporter  
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Andrew Breitbart was in New Hampshire this weekend and the leftwing blog could not help but smear him.

Andrew Breitbart apparently took some time off during his speech in Manchester from explaining what liberals think, and used part of his timeslot to blast us liberals for our hypocrisy regarding a recent incident in New Orleans. His stooge James O’Keefe (who made the infamous Acorn videos) kinda confessed to several felonies: he was caught trying to bug Sen. Landrieu’s phone.

This is not true.

As the Breitbart Website has pointed out on numerous occasions:

There are no allegations of any bugging plot in the FBI affidavit, and a law enforcement official has conceded that the four men were not attempting to wiretap or intercept calls. Furthermore, legal representation for the accused has gone on record stating there were no intentions to bug phones in the Senator’s office. needs to run a correction if they intend to be taken seriously as a “news” outlet.

UPDATE: Breitbart, not backing down, this weekend in Manchester, NH:


68 Responses to “Leftwing blog repeats ‘big lie’ about Breitbart UPDATE: Breitbart punches back at critics”
  1. Horrigan the Horrible says:

    Horrigan: Purveyor of lies and smears… they are constant, continual and tell you a lot about this person.

  2. who is obama? says:

    Obama came over with Mohammed Hasan Chandoo, his roommate from Pakistan.

    “He[obama] was arguing a straightforward Marxist-Leninist class-struggle point of view, which anticipated that there would be a revolution of the working class, led by revolutionaries, who would overthrow the capitalist system and institute a new socialist government that would redistribute the wealth,” says Drew, who says he himself was then a Marxist.”

  3. Dr. John C. Drew remembers obama says:
    obama had very strong marxist opinions a college student.
    his list of friends and the people he looked up to were all communists, marxists,or leninists such as VAN JONES.

    so putting obama with Bush is a nice try but intelligent people know when there is some THERE, there.

  4. Tim says:

    in addition, calling Obama a Marxist is like calling Bush a Nazi. its completely unproductive and a ridiculous hyperbole. Anyone who truly believes either analogy clearly doesn’t understand what those worlds mean.

  5. Tim says:

    so a full voicemail box implies that Landrieu is ignoring constitutents? I would say the more likely explanation as that they were overwhelmed with calls both for and against health care reform and could not handle the deluge.

    reading a lot of these comments is incredibly disappointing. On both sides everyone is calling each other names, and no one seems to understand sublety or sarcasm. Who knows what OKeefe was doing and whether it was illegal. obviously people will jump to conclusions in either direction, but the legal system will follow its course and we will find out as best we can. In the meantime, can’t we just have a civil discussion instead of calling each other idiots?

  6. wasn’t the only leftwing blog I posted to: I also made similar comments on DailyKos and that Marxist-Leninist blog (Oddly the RedHampshire comments got no response.)

    I suppose I jumped a little from the known fact that O’Keefe and his pals were caught tampering with the phone system to the inference that they were engaged in wiretapping. I also jumped from the known fact that they were in an area of the office which they weren’t supposed to be in to the inference that they broke in. I don’t expect anyone here to agree with me; but I think my inferences were reasonable. It doesn’t much matter what I think about this: this case is not being tried in NH or anywhere near NH.

    O”Keefe & Co. are innocent until proven guilty, and they and their lawyers will doubtless put up a vigorous defense. There is a big chance that they will be charged and convicted of a variety of felonies— but their trail is a long way away.

    I hope for the sake of O’Keefe’s future that he puts aside his political convictions and hires trial lawyers to defend him. Because the young man has a trial in his future.

    Here is my take on Breitbart’s (& Hynes’s) arguments:

    There were no allegations of a bugging plot in the initial FBI report, Breitbart tells us. Hence, we now know with absolute certainty that there never will be any such allegations— unless of course you think it is possible that more allegations might be made later as the case develops.

    An unnamed law enforcement officer says that no bugs or wiretapping devices were found. Hence, we now know with absolute certainty that there were no bugs or wiretap devices— unless of course you think it is possible that this unnamed law enforcement officer might be mistaken and/or that devices existed but were not found.

    And of course the ultimate proof is that O’Keefe’s lawyers say there was no intention to bug phones in the Senator’s office. That definitively puts the matter to rest— unless of course those lawyers turn out to be making incorrect statements. But, hey!, who ever heard of a lawyer saying something which turned out to be untrue?

  7. Glenn says:

    Why is the sky blue?
    Because my Aunt enjoys tennis.
    Ice cream is delicious. (Cheering)

  8. rob says:

    he sounds like a gay

  9. Lenin says:

    Are you talking to yourself?

  10. Tim says:

    when you characterize someone else’s opinion as an illness you have ended any hope for a reconciliation. I don’t want you in my world. And it is my world. I made it. You need to go find your own world, or make one. But stay away from us. If you really want a civil war, go to ruger and get a gun and show some actual balls. If you just want to whine that some people don’t think your way, even though it is utterly wrong, then go home and take a long cold bath. It’ll help the throbbing in your wrongwing republican head.

  11. Kirk says:

    So, we got guys in disguise, lying to gain access to Federal Property. I get it, if they are Muslims, they should be hung, but if they are Republicans, they get a pass. Right. Got it.

  12. mossdale says:

    Breitbart cites to 3 sources to say allegations of wiretapping are unfounded. The first is the affidavit, which sets out allegations of entering a federal building under false pretenses to commit a felony (interfering with a phone). Note the charge is based on the false premises, not the interfering with a phone part. But there are arguably sufficient allegations to support a charge they did in fact interfere with a phone (or at least attempt to do so) by “manipulating” the phone handset and attempting to gain access to the phone closet. The key thing here, though, is that the affidavit is NOT “proof” that there was no attempt to bug or wiretap; it only sets out to list facts sufficient to support the charge it claims, nothing more. A zealous prosecutor could conceivably tack on additional charges based on the affidavit (though I would want to see more myself to support a wiretap charge).

    The second cite given by Breitbart is the unnamed federal official who said off the record it did not appear the guys were attempting to wiretap, but only wanted to to see how the Senator’s office would respond if the phones were inoperative. Two things here: first, this is an unofficial statement by an unnamed source, so it is not proof of anything at this point. The second is that the statement does support the affidavit tangentially as to the interference with a phone part. Certainly if the guys were there only to check on the phones they could have picked one up and listened for a ring tone. What appears likely (based on this statement and the affidavit) is the guys went there with the intent to disable the phones. But anyway, the source is not verified, so Breitbart’s reliance on it is somewhat weak.

    Third, Brietbart cites a statement by one of the guy’s lawyers. This is simply not evidence and does not count as proof of anything.

    So the three things Brietbart relies on to claim all allegations of wiretapping are patently false actually do not add up to as much as he thinks. And I think it possible for a reasonable person to infer from the affidavit and some other news bits about a listening device on the guy outside the building (can’t recall where I saw it now) that some attempt to “bug” (which does not necessarily involve tapping a phone line) might have taken place.

    That said, I think it unwise to allege wiretapping, based on the facts.

  13. Karl Magnus says:

    Rather than focusing on Sen. Landrieu’s refusal to listen to her constituents re: vote-selling, Leftists and assorted other Obamunists take a page from “Rules for Radicals” and attempt to marginalize and demonize the young man.

    If this guy knows how to wire an office and its telephones, I’m a rocket scientist.
    Full Disclosure: I must admit though that I did spend the night at a Holiday Inn Express.


  14. gb says:

    Chuckles Johnson says “I don’t see any point in following Habeas Corpus here. This Rethuglican hooligan was sent out by some pharmaceutical or insurance company. Send him to gitmo for some waterboarding…It will give Bush’s cronies something to do since they are all unemployed now.”

    This shows the true colors of the shallowness of the retarted libs. Sure, he went the the insurance co’s, picked up a big fat check, and then proceded to go bug the office. Yes, that is what happen..NOT! And waterboarding is OK for the right minded, but not for terrorist. And of course, its all BUSH’s FAULT.
    Spoken like a true commie. So Bush doubled the budget in 8 yrs and that’s HORRIBLE!! So BO Triples it in ONE YEAR and that is just fine with you. Do you have any idea how blind you are to this crap? The street is open, go play in it.

  15. nick says:

    aha got you

    you all attacked the description of a crime

    and were not able to deny a crime took place

    they are charged with a FELONY !

    this will be fun to see them in jail with BUbba

  16. SDAV says:

    Landrieu’s several offices in Louisiana along with her Washington office were not answering nor allowing you to leave messages before nor right after her healthcare vote. It was clear that she did not want to hear from the citizens of Louisiana that she is supposed to be representing. The few town hall meetings–and I do mean few–were very controlled. Her voter base is New Orleans–where ACORN’S home base is–unfortunately.The organization shares a building with SEIU. Convenient.
    Her La. Purchase sell out vote was all about money and making sure that her brother would win the New Orleans mayor’s seat. He previously said that he would not run for mayor again–until suddenly he changed his mind–after the vote. Just a coincidence. Then Biden made a trip to New Orleans.

  17. Kralizec says:

    Note the “bio” in the profile of the author, whose username is TimothyHorrigan.

    Yes, in the intreest [sic] of full disclosure: I am a state representative from Durham, also representing Lee and Madbury.

    And here’s his e-mail address of record, also available in his profile.


  18. ramona says:

    The lefties are losing what mind they have left after a Republican won old Teddy’s seat, and they see the writing on the wall that they are seriously in trouble in 2010. Chris Matthews today compared Republicans to the Khymer Rouge, just the latest of his lunatic rantings. People in this country are waking up to what the liberals represent – it is now out there for all to see. Thanks to James O’Keefe for exposing the ACORN corruption. Dick Morris just predicted the Republicans will win the House by 10 and the Senate by 2. I hope that is true. The tea party movement is growing fast and we are coming for them. They know it and they are absolutely losing it! The people in the country are not about to let the Marxists in the White House take over.

  19. Jamie says:

    AlphaLiberal, what’s your point? If it’s something about oxymorons, some might consider your name to be one as well… If it’s anything else, well, spit it out, man. (I assume “man.” If you’re an alpha female, then “spit it out, woman.”)

  20. Wade Cottingham says:

    It appears the charges didn’t include bugging. I am inclined to believe that Mr. O’Keefe was trying to get evidence of Ms. Landrieu ignoring her callers. That in itself was an exercise in futility. As a former Louisianan, I believe I can safely say that no Louisiana politician to my knowledge is open to any comments.

  21. kansas says:

    O’Keefe is lucky only to be smeared since he brought down the mighty ACORN. But by smearing him, they maybe can get back some of your tax money.

  22. Chuckles Johnson says:

    I don’t see any point in following Habeas Corpus here. This Rethuglican hooligan was sent out by some pharmaceutical or insurance company. Send him to gitmo for some waterboarding…It will give Bush’s cronies something to do since they are all unemployed now.

  23. Will says:

    @NoelArmourson: If by “bold and risky” you mean obviously illegal (regardless of intent to bug or not, his actions were against the law, and anybody with any shred of common sense knows it) and short-sighted, you’re right on the money!

  24. HughGKnutts says:

    Liberals have no morals or values which is why they are so willing (even in the comments here) to lie. For them, lying is just a normal part of their delusion.

    I doubt blue(balls) will apologize. Why would a liberal apologize for lying? They don’t see anything wrong with it…the ends justifies the means.

    Never knowingly do business with a liberal (the ones who aren’t actually professional welfare recipients). They don’t place much, if any, value upon honesty or integrity.

  25. CPT says:

    If the current set of people and institutions who happen to constitute the media industry is “going down,” that’s fine. Whatever. Cool.

    The problem is that there’s nothing at this point to replace it, no sign of anything else emerging to handle the task of gathering and disseminating daily news. (And no, Breitbart’s assorted enterprises — wonderful as they are — are not it. Breitbart has no global team of reporters out pounding the streets 24 hours a day assembling the nuts and bolts information about goings-on in the world. Breitbart does punditry and activist investigations. He does them very, very well, and they are very, very important. But he isn’t doing mass journalism.)

    Right now that work is done by what we call “the media,” the entity whose looming demise is being celebrated (to some extent rightfully) by Breitbart.

    It’s hard to see WHAT will replace it, because the act of newsgathering has been rendered unprofitable by the Internet. The human activity of gathering, editing and presenting information about the world is fast becoming financially unsustainable.

    Odd as it sounds to say in this glorious digital era, we may be set to enter a new dark age.

  26. jarjar says:

    Seems to me Breitbarf/O’Queef got served with their own medicine. I feel no empathy for people who try to wiretap citizens under false pretenses.

  27. The Headline in the WASHINGTON POST that never was – “Kennedy and Dodd assault Waitress at local eatery”

    Finally, we Dumped Dodd –

  28. OUR FOUNDER may not have survived the internet microscope 41 years ago –

  29. Pablo says:

    Looks like another job for Retracto, the Correction Alpaca!!

  30. This scheme to publicize the refusal of Senator Landrieu’s office to take calls from constituents irate over the healthcare sellout was a bold and risky ploy on the part of O’Keefe and company. Their arrest, particularly in conjunction with consequent courtroom proceedings, is likely to brighten the spotlight they are attempting to shine on the Senator’s shenanigans. Members of the old media and some new-media lefties are setting themselves up for some embarrasment and further loss of credibility by failing to report accurately.

  31. starboardhelm says:

    Smearing O’Keefe with imaginary crimes: Because nothing says ‘integrity’ like covering up actual crimes and punishing the one who exposes them.

    Remember — O’Keefe has actual evidence of a pattern of wrong-doing by ACORN, on top of other evidence of their election shenanigans and finanical shell games. What do O’Keefe’s detractors have? An arrest for one thing, while they lie to make it seem as if he’s already convicted of a totally different thing. There be dragons.

  32. Cecil Moon says:

    Hey people! Lay off Nick. Don’t you know you shouldn’t pick on the handicapped? I can certainly see why a guy like O’Keefe with certified brass balls would provoke the pajama clad nerd in mom’s basement to strike out. It has to really suck to be him.

    Meanwhile, I think I shall withhold any conclusions until all the information, indictments, rulings, pinky slapping, and “oh, you naughty boys” clap trap have been concluded. If he has done something wrong, I’m sure we’ll hear about it.

  33. Mew says:

    So from this video, Breitbart has taught us the following:

    1) His pet Youtube stooge got arrested and somehow this is a good thing for him.

    2) O’Keefe being charged with a felony and facing up to ten years in prison doesn’t matter, because they couldn’t prove intent to bug a phone.

    3) Disco! Andy’s going to join the Village People!

    4) Andrew Breitbart loves to travel around the country, checking out guy’s butts. Uh, I mean, Watergate Junior.

    5) None of the allegations about Andrew Breitbart or his secret love donkey James O’Keefe are true. We know because Andrew Breitbart’s website told us so. There is no such thing as conflict of interest.

    6) This is great news for Sarah Palin!

  34. Kordo says:

    LOL, me thinks Mr. Breitbart doth protest too much. Long story short: Mr. B sent his team of teenage clowns off to get some more Gotcha tape, but they got busted by the Feds. Mr. B knows that none of those nice, entitled young men (or their wealthy, connected parents) is gonna go to Federal prison just to protect Mr. B. Those kids are gonna sing like canaries. What do drug perps do when they get busted? Feed the cops a bigger fish! Who’s the biggest (ie- most visible, most public) fish? Mr. Andrew Breitbart!
    All Mr. O’Keefe has to do to avoid several years in a Federal Pound-Me-In-The-Ass Prison is wave one of his BigGovernment pay stubs, and say “Andrew made me do it!”, and he walks.
    If Mr. Breitbart really intends to bury “the decadent bastards”, he should hurry. I suspect his freedom of action might soon be limited.

  35. Mikee says:

    Political theater when used against the right – from “die-ins” to WTO protests that turn extremely violent because they were planned to do so – compares poorly with political theater when used against the left – a pimp & ho getting Acorn to propose tax ruses to launder illicit money and cover up child sex slavery, or a group of “phone repairmen” asking Senator Landrieu’s staff why they could not receive constituent phone calls against health care for several weeks.

  36. torfic says:

    weird to see all these law and order types excuse a federal felony against a Senator. Why do wealthy white folk only care about the Constitution when it’s for themselves? Rights are only for whites?

    damn you fbi liberal obamunists! if mr okeefe, (an americna hero!) were tubby michael moore, i know that as a conservative, i’d be defending him just as vigorously! intellectual honesty! that’s why im a conservative! (cough snicker…oh the ironicalness)

  37. dennymack says:

    To all who continue to insist that O’Keefe was bugging the Senator’s phones:

    You have my permission to apologize when it becomes clear that this was not what happened. I realize that in your ethical universe the worst may be assumed regarding conservatives, as they have already proved the worst about themselves by identifying as conservatives. So in your mind you are not jumping to conclusions, you are reasoning from evidence. Let’s see how that works for you.

    To be fair to Breitbart and O’Keefe, it is already clear to anyone who is not rooting for O’Keefe to have a big FAIL that they were not bugging the phones. First of all, a specific like that would be included on documents. It’s not. There would be mention of the confisctation of a bugging device. There is not. Second, O’Keefe may be a bit over the top and bold, but I doubt he is a complete imbecile. He recorded what they were doing. Why would you record the process of installing a bug? Isn’t the point of bugging to record the bugged target, not the one placing the device? So either the FBI and Louisiana police arrested him for bugging a senator’s phone but are hushing it up, or he was doing something else that involved phones.

    Could it in some way connect to statements made by Landrieu that she has not received many calls about healthcare/spending? These statements conflict with grassroots anecdotes about how it is impossible to get through to the senator’s office. This would tie in nicely with the guys trying to call the office phone on their cell phones, wouldn’t it? And with their wanting to see the phone closet, in which they could see if there were a diversion in the lines to Landreiu’s office. We will know soon enough what they were doing, because you know they will be charged to the fullest extent possible; they are right wingers in Louisiana.

    And this feeling you have of wanting to crush this punk with the law, now that there is a chance? Remember this feeling the next time Code Pink enters a Federal Building on pretense, or some green zealot trespasses to climb a tree. Decide now if you want the law to be an instrument of partisan vengeance.

    Oh, but why mess up a good story with facts? Or even well reasoned suppositions? Go with your gut on this one.

  38. Bloo Hampshire says:

    Blue Hampshire doesn’t want to be a credible news organization. They want to be just like the New York Times.

  39. DJ says:

    O’Keefe was held for over 28 hours without being able to see an attorney while the terrorist who attempted to murder passengers aboard the Christmas Day flight with a bomb was provided a lawyer in less than 1 hour.

    This is what the Obama administration believes in.

  40. George says:

    Were you there, nick? Is that how you know what REALLY went on? Then you should probably call the FBI, because they said no wiretapping was done.

  41. Nick, Kent – evidence? It’s considered polite.

  42. AlphaLiberal says:

    Man, that guy comes off as gay. Real gay.

    But he’s also a sourpuss! So he’s a gay sourpuss?

    hmmm…. that’s doesn’t make sense. Like Breitbart!

  43. Mitchell says:

    Who ya gonna believe? Those lying FBI affidavit-writers, legal representation for the accused, their own videotape-of-the-episode, or Nick?

    (As a liberal, Nick is a total expert on lying, btw).

  44. Rich says:


    Slandering someone purposely in public with false allegations of “bugging” a Senator is a lot more serious than anything O’Keefe is ACTUALLY accused of doing.

  45. jcrue says:

    nice one, nick, the stupidest, unsupported comment EVAH!!!!

    your mommy would be proud of you getting on the computer all by yourself.

  46. Squid says:


    While I agree that O’Keefe may have acted stupidly, I think there’s a very important difference between accusations of trespassing and accusations of wiretapping, and I think Breitbart is fully justified in his characterization of the coverage of O’Keefe-ACORN and O’Keefe-Landrieu.

    It’s not an either/or thing, anyway. It’s very possible for O’Keefe to be foolish and at the same time for the MSM to be incompetent and biased.

  47. mike says:

    I am not getting why so many liberals feel as if they have to defend ACORN. That organization has its strongest defenders in the freakin’ White House, while James O’Keefe is one individual. What can he do to the people that want his neck? Assbackwards priorities!
    Also, if O’Keefe broke any laws, he should be punished accordingly.

  48. memomachine says:


    1. Right. He was going to “bug” a US Senator’s office while her and her staff were working … in that office.

    2. Right. Because people who are planning on planting a “bug” in a US Senator’s office first ask permission.

    3. Right. Because the one thing people do when trying to “bug” a US Senator’s office is to record it all on a portable video camera.

    Frank Zappa: “Stupidity is more common than hydrogen”.

  49. Nick, if you have evidence to support that I suggest you forward it to the appropriate authorities. Otherwise you are just a foul-mouthed — what was the word you used, no, the other one — liar.

  50. RMoses says:

    no they weren’t trying to BUG

    you fucking liar

    (Wow, being a lefty is easy. You don’t even have to make a point! Arbitrary contrarianism and selective capitalization FTW!)

  51. GM Roper says:

    Gee Nick, I’d guess if you know that, then you must have been there which makes you an accessory. Either that, or you are a nitwit with an inability to hold back a childish urge to curse. Your pick buddy!

  52. Dan says:


    If that is so, why don’t the charges brought against Mr. O’Keefe & Co. reflect that?

  53. Except that there was nothing in the affidavit about wiretapping, Nick, you
    lying, illiterate dumbass.

  54. Sean Bannion says:

    That’s great Nick. Your argument boils down to :they were trying to bug because I said so.”

    O’Keefe says he wasn’t. The FBI says he wasn’t. No one has any proof that he was. No wiretapping equipment was discovered.

    But they were trying to bug Sen. Landrieu’s office.


    This is why leftism is falling apart now. Because it is no longer connected to reality. Oh, and its loudest advocates tend to be people like Nick, who lack logic, understanding, actual facts, a coherrent argument and – all too frequently – their medication.

  55. gus3 says:

    Read the affidavit, nick. You don’t have the facts on your side. Oh, but why should you let that stop you?

    When facts fail, liberals resort to lies, screaming, and swearing, as if that somehow makes it true.

  56. ListKeeper says:

    Hey Nick (and by Nick I mean Douche-bag),

    Read the report. No charges related to wire tapping.

  57. Mike C says:

    Has anyone considered that O’Keefe might have gotten caught on purpose?

    After all, he gets a trial, and since it’s his trial, he can present any evidence he wants.

    Okay lefties, say it out loud: “Law enforcement has confirmed that there was no intention to place a bug or intercept calls.” There. The truth really does set you free, doesn’t it?

  58. john says:

    Nick, care to cite your source. Read the affidavit (link at Breitbart). He was not charged with bugging. But it apears you insane lefties are bugging.

  59. rrr says:

    Oh, now I see. I was convinced that O’Keefe wasn’t trying to bug the place. Until, that is, I saw the incredibly detailed and logical argument of nick. I mean, now it’s so obvious. Nick, you gotta call the AP! They need people who can think with your depth.

  60. The Vapors says:

    Well gee Nick, that’s a pretty bold statement. I suppose you could point us all to where exactly in the FBI affidavit O’Keef and crew were charged with trying to bug phones. Go on, I’ll wait… What’s that? You can’t? Well I guess that makes you a liar then, now doesn’t it?

  61. Skip Loader says:

    Nick, how do you know so much more than the FBI or the police? You should share your sources. The media really needs to probe this incident and it sounds like law enforcement might be covering up a major political crime by the right. Can you elaborate?

    Or maybe it would be easier if you’d just go fuck yourself.

  62. bruce wayne says:

    Why did the police NOT charge them with attempted bugging?

  63. Kendra says:

    “yes they were trying to BUG you fucking liars.” This is the problem with the left. They’re inconvienced by fact. Nick KNOWS they were trying to “BUG” because he was arrested with them, carried on conversations in the jail? He was at the receptionist desk when the alleged phone men, came in. No? So what the FUCK do you know NICK? Nothing… just one more toke and just BELIEVE and it will all make more sense… Otherwise, keep your whiney-ass, tantrum throwing to fact.

  64. nick says:

    yes they were trying to BUG

    you fucking liars

  65. Kent Ried says:

    No matter what you choose to call it, O’Keefe did something stupid – and perhaps committed a felony. It is a mistake to make excuses for this guy.

  66. JP says:

    Go for it Andrew Breitbart. YOU are OUR pointman, against the illness of Leftism.


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