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Ayotte out ahead in GOP Senate primary

January 26, 2010 by Patrick  
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The Senate campaign of Kelly Ayotte has released an internal polling memo showing them substantially ahead of the primary competition in the race to replace the retiring Judd Gregg.

The memo, from Ayotte’s pollster to the campaign, shows Ayotte winning 43% of the Republican vote to rivals Ovide Lamontagne’s 11% and Bill Binnie’s 5%. Binnie is running early television advertising to move up in the polling.

Second Congressional district Rep. Paul Hodes is the only Democrat running.

Ayotte leads among all segments of the GOP electorate, including self-described “very conservative” and “conservative” voters.

Polling Memo


One Response to “Ayotte out ahead in GOP Senate primary”
  1. nancy L says:

    Everytime I ask Bill Binnie why I should vote for him instead of Kelley Ayotte or Paul Hodes, all I receive from him is request for money donations, he certainly has spent his share for someone thats fiscal conservative
    As for kelley Ayotte, I think she has a bridge to cross first with the ponzi mess and the Liko Kenny fiasco, then on to Paul Hodes,before she would pack her bags, and I wouldn’t hang too close to judd gregg, he has made some angry independents these past few years, with his Bank bailout.As for Paul Hodes he’s unreachable.

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