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Shea-Porter: Send the men home and Congress could pass health care reform

January 23, 2010 by Patrick  
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In some of her most incendiary comments to date, Democratic Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter (NH-01) claimed on Saturday that female Republican members of Congress have confided in her, in the ladies room, no less, that if they could just send the male members of Congress home they could pass health care reform by the weekend.

The comments, a video of which is appended below, came during a Congressional town hall event in Manchester, NH on Saturday morning:

If true, this story would not be the only time Shea-Porter has awkwardly bumped into Republican women in the ladies room. In August Shea-Porter ran into Republican Senate candidate and former-Attorney General Kelly Ayotte in the bathroom of a Portsmouth hotel. Shea-Porter accused Ayotte of meeting with “teabaggers” who she claimed were following her around. It turned out Ayotte was giving a speech at the hotel.

Shea-Porter has made a number of missteps in recent months. She has clamed that Congress can force citizens to buy health insurance because “the Constitution did not cover everything.” A retired police office was removed from another of her town hall events. And she famously misrepresented to the media a bizarre series of events in 2005 in which she was removed from a Bush town hall event by police officers.


47 Responses to “Shea-Porter: Send the men home and Congress could pass health care reform”
  1. Ali says:

    I think it’s foolish to make this a male vs female issue, as Shea-Porter is doing, and equally foolish to make hateful comments about the evils of suffrage (I mean, really?) in response to one person’s idiocy. All the anti-woman discussion in this comments section does is put the commenters on the same level as Shea-Porter. And judging by the comments about her specifically, I have the feeling this isn’t what the commenters intended or wanted.

    “the feminist groups would be coming out of the woodwork to crucify him publicly”

    Why only the feminist groups? Should only feminists want every elected representative to have a vote (or be forced to have a vote!) on this issue? I would think every citizen of these United States should protest the concept of barring a group of congresspeople from voting… the idea is simply insane.

    Anyway, Shea-Porter is disingenuous in her implication that opposition to Obamacare is not shared amongst the sexes. If it passes, I’ll be voting for the candidates who run on repealing it.

  2. JL Brinker says:

    I KNOW!!! Let’s send the men AND THE WOMEN home!!!! Then we may be safe for a bit.

  3. Stella says:

    Did all you misogynists really listen? I heard Congresswoman Shea-Porter say “… Republican woman said if we send the men home…”

  4. Walt says:

    Does this Representative cruise restrooms like Larry Craig?

  5. John says:

    What else do these bimbos do in the ladies room??

  6. Bright Eyes says:

    In medieval times, a woman charged with witchcraft had a lot better chance of beating the rap than a White man has of beating an accusation of misogyny or racism today.

    The Matriarchal affectation of hyphenated last names reminds me of the male practice of adding a number to the name of their boat, to boast that they have upgraded.

    You can change the name from history to herstory, but the darkest chapters will always start with somebody who believes that all of our problems will be solved as soon as them or their faction have absolute power.

    We in the West have an opportunity to achieve a truly gender equal society, but it will only happen if we accept that we are different, and there must be a balance that nurtures and protects life, but without taking away all the freedom and adventure that make life worth living.

    When women like Shea-Porter want to “have it all” and implicitly intend to leave the men with nothing, they give intellectual ammo to the Taliban and other retrograde Patriarchies who want to see America fall.

    In my experience, those who rage against The Machine the loudest are also the most ill-equipped to survive the collapse of it.

  7. Army of Davids says:

    Carol Shea-Porter?

    I’d be embarassed if she represented my district.

    But I guess I’m not one who should talk…..I’m stuck with Henry Waxman.

  8. CEF says:

    Obviously I hit somebody’s nerve. And the last time an actual woman would let TTT touch her with anything less than a sterilized 50-foot pole was… let’s see, that’d be never, I’m guessing. (Maybe TTT just treats ‘em TOO well, LOL!)

    Is this entire site THIS big a cesspool? The “fat feminazi cunt” comments still stand hours after they were made, so you folks enjoy wallowing in your own shit here. I’m off to disinfect my browser.

  9. AuricTech says:

    A quick count of women serving in the US Senate indicates that Ms. Shea-Porter may have a point, as I count 4 Republican and 13 Democrat women in the Senate. Assuming that the House delegation has similar ratios (I leave the count to others, though I suspect the ratio is broadly similar [pun intended, of course]), Democrat women in the Congress could probably pass a veto-proof bill repealing the Laws of Thermodynamics, let alone DMV-Care. As an encore, they could simultaneously repeal the Law of Gravity and require a 50% tax on the owners of any objects that happen to fall to the ground.

  10. TTT says:

    Render wins the thread with this insightful comment :

    I can’t decide which group she’s insulting more. Men, because they’re too evil to help people who need to be helped, orr women, because they’re so irrational they’d destroy a country just so they could fool themselves into thinking they helped someone.

  11. TTT says:

    ‘Chief’ is known as a ‘White Knight’. He thinks that sucking up to women and being their yes-man will get him laid.

    Of course, that is just about the best way NOT to get laid. Women hate suck-ups.

    Too bad ‘chief’ did not learn this in 50 years of living life.

  12. TTT says:

    CEF burped :

    Wow, misogyny much?

    STFU, you bigot. Women are far greater gender bigots than men. You simply use the word ‘misogyny’ to avoid taking responsibility (since women are allergic to responsibility). The good news is, men are waking up to this female shaming tactic.

    Same goes for you ‘Chief’. Your Pavlovian use of ‘misogyny’ to avoid the plain fact that women are more bigotted than men is not going to work anymore. Men have treated women far too well for far too long.

  13. DavidL says:

    Sending all the men home would rid Congress of the likes of Arlen Specter, Jon Kerry, Chris Dodd Alan Greyson, John Murtha, Al Franken and Charlie Rangel. That sounds like a good start. Howver we would still be stuck with the likes of Nancy Pelsoi, Barbara Boxer. Caroyln McCarthy and Shea-Porter.

  14. golfneo says:

    The double standards across this country are staggering, if the situation were turned around and a male congress person said that if we could send the women congress people home we could get this (whatever bill it is) passed, the feminist groups would be coming out of the woodwork to crucify him publicly yet in this case the crowd she was in front of supported her wholeheartedly. Then she had the gall to say, “I’m not trying to dis the men here”, HA HA. What a joke, the only good news is she will be out of the loop after this fall and hopefully the decent people of her district will elect a decent congressperson to replace her.

  15. Chief says:

    With 24 responses ahead of me, I can see a lot of misogyny, hate and just plain bad behavior.

    The lady from NH-01 does not look overweight to me, but that is her business and none of mine or yours.

  16. DianeCee says:

    As Rush would say,,,”the government has become chickafied”. As a woman, I have experienced the need to have both sexes involved in the game of life. Yet, our federal government has turned into minorities (communists) and homosexuals (neurosis) vs white men (money). I accept the white men, wholeheartedly, and thank them for FINALLY standing up for our culture.

  17. CEF says:

    Wow, misogyny much?

    She’s correct. Did you listen to what she actually said? How many men become the primary caregivers for anyone… their parents OR their children? Making this observation is “nut cutting” and she’s a “fat feminazi cunt”? Pardon me while I back away from the stench of this pig-pile.

  18. Must be Shea-Porter’s opinion of women is a little low. I put this question to her: If as you say quite rightly, I believe, that its the women that provide care for their family members, why would they vote for legislation that will ration their care with an “independent expert advisory board” called IMAB? (Look that up in your Funk and Wagnalls if you dare.)

  19. Mike says:

    Democrat women are always dependent upon the State to support them. They used to be dependent upon men, but the feminazis have destroyed the institution of marriage, so the feminazis and misandrists developed the welfare state to support women. The backbone of the Dem Party are women and dependent minorities. Stable women in stable marriages are almost always Republican because these women don’t want the State to confiscate their family assets and redistribute them. Socialism and hatred of men have given us this situation.

  20. Bright Eyes says:

    And while we’re making gross generalizations, show me a hyphenated last name, and I’ll show you a proud nut-cutter.

  21. Render says:

    I can’t decide which group she’s insulting more. Men, because they’re too evil to help people who need to be helped, orr women, because they’re so irrational they’d destroy a country just so they could fool themselves into thinking they helped someone.

  22. sestamibi says:

    Ranger speaks for me.

  23. TTT says:

    That the whole room applauded was a much bigger negative than the words of one bigot.

    The amount of bigotry that women get away with nowadays is amazing.

  24. TTT says:

    The applause of the whole room was far more worrisome than the words of one kook.

    It is amazing the amount of bigotry that women can get away with nowadays.

  25. TTT says:

    Anti-male bigotry is so common in America that people have been trained to think it is normal.

    What women say about men, and do to men, men would never be able to say about, and do to, women.

  26. jeroboam says:

    I knew women’s suffrage was a bad idea. Oops. Too late.

  27. kyleb2112 says:

    How about we just send the Democrats home 8 months ahead of schedule.

  28. Wind Rider says:


    I’m thinking it’s time the folks from NH-01 came up with a better practical joke to play on everyone else.

    Cause electing Shea-Porter is quickly becoming about as funny as “pull my finger”. In a small car. With the windows up. On a very cold day. After a trip to Taco Bell.

  29. Michpundit says:

    I agree – she need to push back the second helping at the dinner table.

  30. Ranger says:

    This woman is a cunt.

  31. SukieTawdry says:

    So, NH-1 voters, are you planning to send Shea-Porter home next November?

  32. pst314 says:

    If we just sent all the Jews home…
    If we just sent all the Negros home…
    If we just sent all the Mexicans home…
    If we just sent all the Irish home…
    If we just sent all the Papists home…
    Carol, were you born an ass, or were you educated into it? Either way, FOAD.

  33. Bill says:

    If Carol’s little story about a glimmer of non-partisan communication is the best you can do, Patrick, to come up with something negative out of these two town halls, I think you need to endorse her.

  34. Mike_K says:

    That’s an open seat if I ever saw one.

  35. Big Boy says:

    SHE needs free health care or a good DIET.

  36. xj says:

    If they sent all the men home, neither chamber would have a quorum and would be unable to pass anything whatsoever. That’s one thing the Constitution _did_ cover.

    Epic. Fail.

  37. Tex Lovera says:

    Carol, sweetie.

    Fuck you.

  38. MarkJ says:

    Carol Shea-Porter receives two nominations this week:

    “Representative Most Likely To Have Public Meltdown”

    “Representative From New Hampsire Most Likely To Be Defeated In November 2010″

  39. Terry says:

    We’ve been sending the men home since 2006.


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