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Binnie makes moves to own January

January 9, 2010 by Patrick  
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The U.S. Senate campaign of Bill Binnie certainly is making aggressive moves to own the month of January. And beyond, perhaps.

Veteran Republican strategist, and Sununu family consigliore, Paul Collins started consulting for Binnie this week, placing a master of New Hampshire politics, ahem, behind the wheel of the Binnie operation. Binnie also impressed the Granite State political chattering class when he released his fundraising numbers for the months of November and December. And now we learn from the Union Leader’s John DiStaso that Binnie will begin airing television commercials next Monday.

Binnie would barely register in a Republican primary poll conducted today. But if he continues to move like this he’ll be a major player in the primary within a few months.

Not all has gone smoothly, however. Binnie’s position on gay marriage is still unclear and confusing. And by distributing a grassroots e-mail offering glowing praise from former-Democrat Party Chairman Kathy Sullivan last week, Team Binnie demonstrated a tin political ear.

This week brought another Team Binnie gaffe. Evidently unsatisfied with the positive press coverage of their candidate’s fundraising, the campaign issued a press release that boasted, “Binnie also received more contributions than any other GOP candidate in the 4th quarter.”

The assertion is unverifiable; none of the other GOP candidates has released their fundraising figures for the fourth quarter. It is also certainly wrong. Binnie rival Kelly Ayotte announced in a press release that they earned over 700 new contributors in October alone.

That was a typo, the Binnie campaign told They meant to say that the campaign had more contributors than any other Republican candidate in their first quarter as a candidate. The assertion is a direct swing at Ayotte, the only other Republican candidate to have had a first quarter as a candidate. And it, too, misses badly.

Binnie had 770 contributors in the fourth quarter. The Ayotte campaign tells they had over 1,000 contributors in the third quarter, which was their first.

It’s a minor botch. One that is unlikely to cost Binnie any votes. But why overreach?

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