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Sentinel editor disappointed in process, but blames Republicans for C-SPAN flip

January 7, 2010 by Patrick  
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An editor from the Keene Sentinel is placing partial blame for President Barack Obama’s C-SPAN flop-flop on Republican opponents of health care reform efforts in Washington, DC.

While campaigning for the presidential nomination in New Hampshire, then-Sen. Barack Obama told the editors of the Keene Sentinel, “we will have a public process for forming this [health care] plan. It’ll be televised on C-SPAN. I can’t guarantee it’ll be exciting so not everybody is going to be watching it. But it will be transparent and accountable to the American people.”

Video excerpts from the exchange have appeared on the Drudge Report this week, kicking off a firestorm of accusations that Obama is breaking an important campaign pledge.

But Jim Rousmaniere, an editor at the Sentinel, believes Republicans are at fault for Obama’s C-SPAN reversal, at least partially.

“It is disappointing to see that the final stage of crafting the bill will apparently be behind closed doors, but I expect that this wouldn’t be so if, during the many months of highly public debate on the subject, the opposition had demonstrated an interest in negotiation and compromise,” Rousmaniere tells exclusively.

The Keene Sentinel is considered a left-leaning newspaper. It endorsed Obama’s campaign for president.

Interestingly, Democratic Party spokesman Derek Richer also blames Republicans for calling attention to Obama’s C-SPAN reversal.

“This has been the most transparent administration in history and the debate over health insurance reform has reflected this open policy. For months health care has been debated. The hearings were televised on C-SPAN, the specifics of the bill were discussed in length in the press, and there has been ample opportunity for all points of view to be heard. Any attempt by the Republican party to say otherwise is just a transparent attempt to once again kill a bill that would provide health care to millions of Americans and thousands of Granite State Citizens that don’t have coverage,” Richer tells Foster’s Daily Democrat.

C-SPAN CEO Brian Lamb has requested of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Harry Reid and President Obama access to broadcast health care negotiations, but his request appears to have been rejected out of hand.


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