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Hodes misrepresents his record to voter in Exeter

January 6, 2010 by Patrick  
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While touring downtown Exeter on Monday with state Sen. Maggie Hassan, Democratic U.S. Representative and Senate hopeful Paul Hodes appears to have misrepresented his voting record to a potential constituent.

When asked by Mr. Dan Chartrand, a bookstore owner, why Congress was so quick to bailout Wall Street but slow to bailout “Main Street,” Hodes agreed that, “we haven’t seen the bailout of Main Street, which is what we really needed.”

But Congress did pass a bailout for Main Street in December called “The Jobs for Main Street Act”. And Paul Hodes voted with the Republican minority to kill it.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi designed the so-called Jobs for Main Street Act, “to create or save jobs here at home with targeted investments ($75 billion) for highways and transit, school renovation, hiring teachers, police, and firefighters, small business, job training and affordable housing – key drivers of economic growth that have the most bang for the buck. These investments are fully paid for by redirecting TARP funds from Wall Street to Main Street.”

Hodes argued at the time that the TARP funds should be used to reduce the federal debt.

“Man, it’s starting to look like Paul Hodes-the-Senate-candidate was the worst thing that ever happened to Paul Hodes-the-legislator,” wrote one downtrodden liberal blogger after Hodes cast his vote against the measure.

Hodes’ campaign prospects are looking increasingly perilous. A recent poll shows him trailing two Republican Senate candidates in hypothetical General Election match-ups.

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