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New law against texting while driving also bans Twitter behind the wheel

December 31, 2009 by Patrick  
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Beginning on Friday, Granite Staters will not be allowed to text behind the wheel.

One interesting provision in the new law also bans “Twittering” or “Tweeting” while driving, as well:

Twittering while driving disallowed

Beginning Friday, drivers in New Hampshire will face a $100 fine for breaking the new law that bans the sending of text messages while driving.

The statute also bans Twittering, typing on laptop computers or other electronic devices while at the wheel. An exception is made for entering a name and number in a cell phone to make a call.

New Hampshire will join more than 15 states and the District of Columbia on cracking down on increased distracted driving accidents caused by increased use of cell phones and hand-held computers.


One Response to “New law against texting while driving also bans Twitter behind the wheel”
  1. Penninda says:

    What happened to “careless and inattentive driving” as a potential offense? This catchall covers applying make-up, shaving, texting, tweeting and use of innumerable future technologies that may cause “distracted driving accidents.” As with so many behaviors, we don’t need a new law but rather a sense of personal responsibility among our citizens and appropriate application of existing law.

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