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Shea-Porter ongoing town hall drama takes new turn; effort to ban her from Epping

December 22, 2009 by Patrick  
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A Republican selectman from Epping wants to ban Democratic Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (NH-01) from using that town’s offices for a public town hall meeting because she has refused to sign a letter objecting to prosecution of Navy SEALS who are embroiled in a legal battle.

The New Hampshire Union Leader has the full story.

The controversy is sure to add yet another dimension to Shea-Porter’s problematic history with town hall meetings.

Before she was a member of Congress, Shea-Porter was removed from a President George W. Bush town hall meeting in Portsmouth by two police officers. Shea-Porter later denied to the media that she had been removed. But after filing a Freedom of Information Act request with the Portsmouth Police Department, learned that she had, in fact been removed.

This August, during the heat of the congressional town hall fury, Shea-Porter avoided hosting any such events but eventually caved after receiving significant criticism from the media and the public.

She taunted town hall protesters by calling them “tea baggers,” a derisive phrase she has refused to apologize for using.

When Shea-Porter eventually did host a town hall meeting, the event dissolved into shouting matches and a retired police officer was ultimately escorted out of the building:


15 Responses to “Shea-Porter ongoing town hall drama takes new turn; effort to ban her from Epping”
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  4. Herb Moyer says:

    Much has recently been written about Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter’s decision NOT to jeopardize a military courts martial against four Navy Seals by signing an ill-conceived letter circulated by Representative Duncan Hunter. The letter argues that prosecuting the SEALs was an “overreaction by the command.” The Seals are accused of punching an Iraqi suspect in custody alleged to have planned the murders of four private contractors in Fallujah.

    In a strange twist of a local, non-partisan politician thinking it appropriate to inject Epping into federal and military rules and proceedings, Selectman Rene Archambault planned to bring before his fellow selectmen a demand that Congresswoman Shea-Porter be prevented from using Epping Town Hall to report to her Epping area constituents.

    That Archambault has subsequently dropped those plans following a phone conversation with Shea-Porter doesn’t negate the fact that Selectman Archambault abused his oath and his office when he recommended the Epping public be deprived of the opportunity to hear from and speak with their elected Representative.

    In the second place, Duncan Hunter is an all-out apologist for anything the military does. If he had his way, we would continue the “go-it-alone”, “thumb-in-the-eye” foreign policy approach of the Bush administration. And he would spend more of our nation’s blood and treasure on counterproductive militarism around the world. It is instructive that he could garner only 33 of 435 colleagues to sign-on to his letter. I applaud the thoughtful and considered manner in which Congresswoman Shea-Porter has approached this issue.

    Third, the Navy Seals CHOSE to bring the issue into a legal proceeding. How inappropriate for politicians of any stripe, particularly local, supposedly non-partisan ones, to pre-judge the issue and intervene in any way. As to the broader issue of having military or civilian representatives of our country engaging in behavior that is “unbecoming” or antithetical to American values… I know that I want my service members to follow military protocol and the Geneva Convention. America has suffered mightily because of the illegal and immoral acts of some members of our military, the CIA, and private contractors such as Blackwater (now called Xe Services).

    Fourth, Blackwater contributed to the deaths of the four contractors by sending its employees into Fallujah with inadequate armor, inadequate firepower, and without advance knowledge of the very dangerous conditions in the area. In another case, former Blackwater employees are under indictment for the murder of as many as 14 civilians in Nisoor Square Baghdad, who were “killed without cause”, according to an FBI investigation. This, and the atrocities engaged in at Abu Ghraib, are what happens when we flaunt the rule of law and abandon the principles embodied in our Constitution.

    Republican President Dwight Eisenhower warned of the threat to our democracy of the growing might of the Military-Industrial Complex. He would surely feel vindicated about his dire warnings if he could see America’s condition today. Wake up America!!

  5. R Richard Schweitzer says:

    There is a vast misunderstanding about the Courts Marshall for the Seals.

    The Seals ELECTED to be tried rather than be “disciplined” for something they did not do.

    The proper answer is immediate dismissal of the charges as not credibly sustained.

    Why the Navy’s Judge Advocate does not do so under the conditions extant is difficult to understand.

  6. The full Gen. Stark quote, which gives a clearer meaning, is “Live Free or Die. Death is not the worst of evils.”

    And Dr. Ken, it just saddens us deeply up here. Longtime Newhampshiremen fell like we’re letting down the side.

  7. Paul A'Barge says:

    Hey Carol, better a Tea Bag than a Scum Bag.

  8. Lived Free, Then Left says:

    Doc, the motto, from a New Hampshirite by the way, “Live free or die!” was adopted onto the license plates a looooooooooong time ago. Before all the Lefty bleeding hearts moved into NH. There were always a few, Shea-Porter for example, but they never amounted to much and were far outweighed by sensible down-to-earth folk. Today in NH, it is doubtful that such a motto would ever be adopted onto the license plates. With congressmen like Shea-Porter representing them, I’d say it’s not too long before the people of NH vote the motto off the plates altogether. Likely to be replaced by “Live as we Democrats dictate, or die”.

  9. Al Reasin says:

    I agree with Mr. Dougherty. Let her voice her opinions so that the voters can get a better understanding of what she represents. Just the lie about her removal from the town hall meeting of her predecessor should be enough to kick her out of office.

  10. Wayne Dougherty says:

    The Republican selectman does his cause no help by trying to ban the Idiotarian Congresswoman. It appears that the best tactic would be to have her appear at far more public events and publicly challenge her views. That way, the narrative doesn’t become that of Republicans trying to stifle free speech.

  11. WJ says:

    I think that Porter should be voted out of office. Also, based on what I have read, these SEALS are getting railroaded.

    That being said, just because she won’t sign this paper doesn’t mean she should be barred from using a town’s PUBLIC buildings for a PUBLIC townhall

  12. Dr. Kenneth Noisewater says:

    The “Live Free or Die” state sends some waste like this to CONgress? Good job folks! I thought all the dopey pinkos were in VT and Massholechusetts..

  13. Subotai Bahadur says:

    As a gesture, it is not bad. As for practical effect; what are the odds that Carol Shea-Porter has any intention or desire to interact with the plebians ever again? A Town Hall meeting just after Health Care Nationalization was foisted on us over the objection of 53-56% of the people [I know it was a Senate vote, but the chances to get at ANY of our aristocracy are so small that if she shows up, she will catch the heat.], would be guaranteed to make the last one look like a church service. And after the jumps in unemployment and bankruptcy in January-February, Town Hall meetings nationwide are going to be accompanied by tar and feathers. Especially if you are viewed as being one of the aristocracy who caused the problems.

  14. Mike Myers says:

    Looking at this from Southern California, it seems to me that the good voters of New Hampshire should be saying “adios muchacha” to Ms. Shea-Porter in the next election.

  15. Diggsd says:

    She’s an embarrassment to the State of New Hampshire, and embarrassment to the United States Congress, and an embarrassment to the people who voted for her. She’s the perfect Democrat!

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