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Binnie stumbles out of the gate on gay marriage

November 5, 2009 by Staff Reporter  
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Political talkers are this morning pointing to this section of the Concord Monitor’s story on Seacoast businessman Bill Binnie’s announcement yesterday and claiming he may not have been fully prepared:

Binnie, 51, stressed his resume as a businessman dealing with economic problems. “My experience building business, creating jobs, dealing with business challenges all over the world. Those are the skills we need to meet the challenges we face today,” he said during a press conference yesterday.

But Binnie faltered when asked about noneconomic issues. When the Monitor asked him about his views on gay marriage, which New Hampshire passed into law this year, Binnie offered two seemingly contradictory statements. “Marriage should be reserved for a man and a woman,” Binnie said. “The laws of New Hampshire as they exist today are appropriate.”

Asked by another reporter to explain the contradiction, Binnie responded that there is a difference between a civil union and being able to marry in a church. “A church should have the right to say who should be married under scripture,” Binnie said.

Beginning Jan. 1, New Hampshire law will allow gay marriage, but will also offer legal protections to churches and clergy who choose not to perform gay marriages.

After the press conference, Binnie spokesman Colin Maynard said Binnie wanted to focus on economic issues. When pressed to clarify Binnie’s stance on gay marriage, Maynard said Binnie supports New Hampshire’s law because it allows churches to do what they are comfortable with.

“He’s excited (the law) chose to give an option for gay couples to identify themselves as married within the law, but also having an opt-out for churches,” Maynard said.


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  1. marriage is great specially if you have found a very special someone that is beautiful both on the inside and outside.’`.

  2. Alice Kelly says:

    Marriage is one of the most sacred ceremonies that we humans experience. Being married also gives us happines.’*;


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