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POLL: 69% of Granite Staters say stimulus has been unsuccessful in creating jobs (Updated)

October 28, 2009 by Patrick  
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A new poll shows a significant majority of Granite Staters believes President Barack Obama’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, commonly known as the stimulus, has been unsuccessful in creating jobs in New Hampshire.

The poll, conducted exclusively for by CrossTarget, shows that sixty-nine percent of respondents believe the stimulus has been unsuccessful in creating jobs. Only twenty percent believe it has been successful. Around eleven percent are unsure.

Democratic Reps. Carol Shea-Porter (NH-01) and Paul Hodes (NH-02) and Sen. Jeanne Shaheen all voted in favor of the stimulus bill.

The state Office of Economic Stimulus released a report last week showing the stimulus has “saved or created” only a fraction of the estimated 16,000 jobs projected by the White House and Democrats.

The disappointing jobs numbers caused Shea-Porter to dial back her support for the measure.

“I know that it has created some jobs but clearly not what we were anticipating,” said Shea-Porter.

New Hampshire Republicans seemed encouraged by the numbers.

“New Hampshire families realize that the Democrats’ ‘stimulus’ package has failed to create good jobs and slow New Hampshire’s skyrocketing unemployment rate,” said GOP spokesman Ryan Williams. “Voters will hold Paul Hodes and Carol Shea-Porter accountable in 2010 for wasting billions of tax dollars on a disastrous economic agenda that has failed to create the 16,000 jobs they promised.”

The poll was conducted on Oct. 26 and Oct. 27 among 620 likely general election Voters. It has a 3.93% margin of error.

UPDATE: Sen. Judd Gregg e-mailed us the following comments regarding the stimulus:

“Since February, New Hampshire has taken in more than $407 million in federal stimulus funds which have, to borrow a term from the Administration, ‘saved or created’ 3,007 jobs in the Granite State. That works out to the government spending about $135,350 per job ‘saved or created.’ Those whose jobs the Administration claims to have ‘saved’ with these funds, such as teachers and corrections officers, should understandably be looking at their paychecks and questioning where the rest of the money went. Also, all of this stimulus funding is borrowed money and the bill will be passed to our children and grandchildren.

“It is important that we spur economic growth and ensure Granite Staters remain employed, especially during these tough times. However, it is simply ridiculous to continue this kind of spending. A six figure sum to purportedly ‘save or create’ a single job over the course of 8 short months? That is an extraordinarily bad deal for taxpayers.

“Furthermore, in January, the President’s chief economic adviser predicted that by the end of 2010 the stimulus package would have created 16,000 new jobs in New Hampshire; instead, since February, more than 12,000 jobs have been lost. This so-called stimulus has thus far proven itself to be an expensive mistake.

“Just last week our nation’s deficit for the past fiscal year rang in at $1.4 trillion. It is time to face the fiscal reality of our country and stop spending outside our means for big government programs that hurt – not help – the taxpayer.”

Oct NH Results


2 Responses to “POLL: 69% of Granite Staters say stimulus has been unsuccessful in creating jobs (Updated)”
  1. Mr.Swamp says:

    Yawn… Who is Cross Target? Never heard of them. Your link to them goes nowhere.

    What condition do you think this state would be in without that bill? I happen to know (because of my job) that because of the stimulus bill, many communities in NH will not see larger tax increases they would have.

    Example: County tax rates and many school tax rates saw smaller gains because of funds they received from stimulus money, in NH.

    Again, what would have been the plan for Republicans? Probably the same one they had here in the NH legislature. SCARY!

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