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Democrats try to assure citizenry they don’t secretly want an income tax

October 28, 2009 by Staff Reporter  
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Democratic House majority floor leader Dan Eaton has an Op-Ed in Wednesday’s Concord Monitor in which he seeks to assure the public that the Democrats in Concord are not secretly “angling for an income tax,” and in so doing takes a personal shot at one of his colleagues:

State Rep. David Hess’s column, “Democrats are cruising toward a broad-based tax” (Monitor Forum, Oct. 22), is full of unfounded, senseless attacks designed to scare the people of New Hampshire.

Hess raises the specter of an income tax. He claims that the legislative informational sessions held by the House Ways and Means Committee were a subversive attempt by Democrats to lay the groundwork for an income tax.

This is nonsense and Hess knows it.

Republican committee members were fully engaged in every decision on the two-day gathering. To discuss the issues, the committee heard from groups from across the political spectrum, including the conservative American Legislative Exchange Council and the Tax Foundation. Furthermore, Rep. Norm Major, a Republican highly respected on both sides of the aisle, was a lead organizer. Major has said that if the summit was about an income tax, he would not participate.

Hess fails to mention any of this. He should be ashamed for attacking Democrats and Republicans for doing their job.

Eaton is responding to the perceived enthusiasm around the GOP’s so-called Stop the Spending Summit on Tuesday:

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