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Machete killing suspect praised “Dexter” on Facebook hours after murder

October 7, 2009 by Staff Reporter  
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Just hours after a deadly attack on a Mont Vernon woman, accused murderer Christopher Gribble updated his Facebook status: “had an awesome time with steve and autumn! dexter is such a funny show!” That update was made at 10:58 a.m. Sunday. Earlier that morning, around 4 a.m., police say Gribble and three other teens entered the home of Kimberly Cates killing her and injuring her daughter, the primary weapons being a machete and a knife. Gribble, of Brookline, has been charged with first-degree murder, accused of stabbing her repeatedly.

Dexter is a popular TV show about a serial killer who murders those who he feels deserve to die or who have slipped through the justice system.



3 Responses to “Machete killing suspect praised “Dexter” on Facebook hours after murder”
  1. Shawn says:


  2. avav says:

    are f$#$ing kidding me? what does that have to do with anything. He probally watched dexter and that’s why he wrote. It is unbelieveable what you douche bags will put in the paper and think its news.


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  1. andrew12 says:


    excelent info, keep it coming…

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