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Lamontagne takes heat from pro-lifers on Catholic hospital deal

September 21, 2009 by Patrick  
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Ovide Lamontagne is facing stern criticism from some pro-life activists for helping to shepherd the proposed affiliation between Manchester’s Catholic Medical Center and Dartmouth-Hitchcock just as he amps up his exploration of the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by the retiring Republican Judd Gregg.

As former Chair of NH Right to Life Barbara Hagan told, “Ovide Lamontagne wrote the documents which will and have allowed Dartmouth pro-abortion doctors to infiltrate CMC, and eventually take it over.”

Ovide Lamontagne

Ovide Lamontagne

“Ovide [Lamontagne] cannot expect that the pro-life community should assist him or welcome him in his Senate bid, anymore than those who assisted Hitler would be welcomed into office or a place of prominence, as in the case of the Holocaust,” continued Hagan, who is also a former State Representative.

“Mr. Lamontagne’s promotion of the CMC-Dartmouth affiliation vis a vis merger is definitely jeopardizing his pro-life credentials with those of us who oppose it,” said Ed Holdgate, who is also a past Chair of NH Right to Life.

At issue is a proposed merger between the two hospitals which critics claim will cause an erosion of ethics at CMC, especially as it relates to abortion. Advocates call the move an “affiliation.” Opponents call it a “merger” and even a “takeover.”

Bishop John McCormack has allowed CMC to explore the merger. But pro-life leaders are furious. “Our Catholic Hospital is in grave danger! The so-called ‘Affiliation’ with Dartmouth Hitchcock WILL change healthcare in Manchester FOREVER,” reads the NH Right to Life website.

Ovide Lamontagne, a Manchester attorney, helped to draft the affiliation agreement.

The move is similar to a failed effort in the late-1990s to merge CMC with Elliot Hospital, also in Manchester. The plan sparked an outcry among Catholics in the community and was ultimately shelved.

“Since [Lamontagne] also promoted the misguided whole step in the wrong direction back in the CMC-Elliot merger, we pro-life voters shall hold him accountable for the current CMC-DH half step in the wrong direction too,” said Holdgate.

Lamontagne’s camp rejected the criticism.

“Ovide’s longtime commitment to the sanctity of life is well known by leaders throughout New Hampshire. Any allegation that the proposed affiliation between Catholic Medical Center and Dartmouth Hitchcock Health will diminish CMC’s commitment to life is categorically false,” said Jim Merrill, a Manchester political consultant who is helping Lamontagne as he explores the senate race.

Current NH Right to Life President Kurt Wuelper tells that Lamontagne’s involvement in the deal could harm his chances to win the Republican nod for senate but that he is still more reliable on the pro-life issue than any Democrat and many Republicans. He also said that few people even know about Lamontagne’s involvement in the deal.

“I think that Mr. Lamontagne’s work on the CMC/DH affiliation will hurt him with some pro-life voters, but not with the vast majority of them,” Wuelper said.

Lamontagne is banking on leveraging conservative grassroots support to overcome the advantages his Republican rivals possess over him.

Former-Attorney General Kelly Ayotte has the backing of much of the GOP establishment and small businessman Sean Mahoney’s own connections to the grassroots are formidable and his personal resources make him a serious threat.

Lamontagne, Ayotte and Mahoney are all pro-life.

Paul Hodes, a pro-choice member of Congress, is the only Democrat seeking the seat.


5 Responses to “Lamontagne takes heat from pro-lifers on Catholic hospital deal”
  1. Bill Aicardi says:

    This is for you Jane Doe, whoever you are? Obviously you have no fear of God nor the Lord Jesus Christ….Thou shall not murder will come back to haunt all of you…maybe God will allow your brain to be sucked out, and with euthanasia coming maybe it will be…you have no idea what contempt God has for those who compromise the PURE Word of God….You are guilty and may you suffer the same fate as these poor women who have lost their children to abortion and have nightmares for the rest of their lives. Your liberal pablum shows you are worse than an infidel. May the Lord have mercy on those women and grant them forgiveness but people like you who promote abortion these is little or no hope. Sleep well thou well healed harlot. If you have been to Dartmouth Medical Center lately you can feel the curse that now resides on it…oh yeah, you can feeeeeel it.

  2. Kurt Wuelper says:

    Our concern is that the culture of death will be transferred from DH to CMC with this deal. You are correct, Roe happened, but we save lives, real living babies, outside the CMC-DH clinic already. This was never an issue with CMC alone. THE DH culture brings these deadly referrals.
    How many babies are you willing to sacrifice for the purported benefits of this deal? How many ederly will you consign to early death when DH’s ‘futile care’ theory is applied at CMC?

    Apparently you think “I was just doing my job” is an excuse for opening CMC to this culture. I beleive we are all called to a far higher standard.

  3. Jane Doe says:

    Before people start jumping all over the guy for doing his job, perhaps they should compare the differences between CMC-DH affiliation and CMC-Elliot MERGER. What services are going to leave CMC and be shipped off to Dartmouth? NONE! As I recall, obstetrics was being moved out of CMC and going to the Elliot…hmmm. Start looking at the facts…Too bad Mr. Wuelper that you are a one issue person…move beyond the fact that Roe v Wade happened. Pray that at some point it will be overturned. Don’t shun an excellent candidate because of your false perceptions. That kind of thinking and attitude is what has gotten this country into the mess that it is today.

  4. Kurt Wuelper says:

    Ovide lamontagne should suffer among pro-life voters for his support of the CMC-DH deal. At the very least, this deal, if approved, will jeopardize the pro-life stance of one of the very few pro-life hospitals in NH. Pro-lifers need tos tart letting people know there are rel consequences for taking life and for enabling others to do so. Even if Mr. Lamontagne runs against some other partly wishy-washy ‘pro-life’ person like Ms. Ayotte, he’l not be getting my vote becuase of his work on this travesty.


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