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Rollinsford and Somersworth schools will not participate in Obama speech (Updated)

September 4, 2009 by Patrick  
Filed under News & Politics has learned that the Rollinsford and Somersworth in SAU 56 will not carry President Barack Obama’s speech to school children across America on Tuesday, September 8th.


UPDATE: Democratic county chairwoman reacts angrily, defends speech as non-political:


Rollinsford–Caitlin Daniuk, Chair of the Strafford County Democratic Committee, released the following statement regarding the SAU 56 (Somersworth and Rollinsford) Superintendent’s decision to ban President Obama’s educational address in all classrooms next week:

“Once again, the radical right wing of the Republican Party has proven they will do anything to tear down our President. They have now even gone so far as to use our children and schools to score cheap political points.”

“President Obama’s address next week is about service and staying in school, and not specific policy positions. For decades, presidents have spoken directly to our students about the importance of education. Now, it appears that Ms. Karen Soule has given in to political pressure from the Republican Party. Unfortunately, that will only rob the students of Rollinsford and Somersworth of the chance to be inspired by our nation’s Commander-in-Chief.”

“I call on Ms. Soule to reverse her decision and stop playing politics. A failure to do so is just plain wrong.”

UPDATE: Manchester says no, as well.


3 Responses to “Rollinsford and Somersworth schools will not participate in Obama speech (Updated)”
  1. titmouse says:

    Barbara Frost,

    Encouraging kids to stay in school, floss, eat there veggies, etc., is pretty typical adult-speak to kids. Most will enjoy the chance for a mid-day nap.

    Hysterical over-reaction causes people to point and laugh. If you don’t like it, well…

    Wikipedia on Somersworth Schools:

    In 1999, after numerous fire code violations were identified with the Hilltop School by the New Hampshire State Fire Marshal, the City of Somersworth was granted waivers for a period of three years to address the state’s concerns. Despite the failure of the school district to address the numerous code violations during the probation period, the waivers continued to be extended past their originally intended three year period. In August 2007, the upper floors of the school were closed by the New Hampshire State Fire Marshall after the city neglected to fix code violations they were warned about in November 2006.

    There you have it. Somersworth parents have no problem sending their kids to a fire trap each day FOR EIGHT FRIGGIN’ YEARS. Yet for the sake of the children they must keep out a presidential speech that might make a ebil indoctrinate on dey li’l heads.

    On a positive note, Superintendent Karen Soule’s decision just made the average Somersworth home about $10,000 cheaper to buy.

  2. Barbara Frost says:

    Why must you resort to name-calling? We are not RADICAL RIGHT WING, we are the “folks.” We are American parents, the backbone of this great nation, and we don’t take kindly to youth indoctrination agendas. But, we are vigilant, aren’t we?


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