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Norelli: “They’re making me look like an evil witch”

September 4, 2009 by Patrick  
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Speaker of the New Hampshire House of Representatives Terie Norelli lashes out against Republicans who claim she is open to, and secretly pushing for, an income tax in the Portsmouth Herald:

She said she’s upset with Republicans for what she seeks as grasping at straws. “They’ve got me conjuring up new taxes for the public,” she said. “They’re making me look like an evil witch. They’ve been given every opportunity to participate in the process. For them to put out there that I’m going to be putting out an income tax is nothing more than a cheap political trick.”

But Republican State Committee communications director Ryan Williams remains adamant the Democrats have an “ultimate strategy of introducing a broad-based tax down the road, and Speaker Norelli’s comments are a preview of that.”

He said even though Gov. John Lynch, for instance, had long said he would veto a same-sex marriage bill, in the final analysis he signed a bill into law. In the same way, he said, he expects either a sales or income tax to be put forth by Democrats.

“That’s absolutely the wrong approach for New Hampshire and must be taken off the table immediately,” he said.

Nevertheless, Norelli also states, “I for one am open-minded to taking a look at the revenue structure in this state.”

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4 Responses to “Norelli: “They’re making me look like an evil witch””
  1. Potato says:

    Timothy Horrigan says:

    “A 40% cut in state spending would be extremely difficult…”

    I say:

    Boo hoo. I just moved to this state from NY. I moved to escape confiscatory government budgets. If we do not cut the spending and put an end to the increase of taxes in NH, I’m going to move again, and I’ll dump my real estate at way below market value on the way out. Sound good to you? I’m not the only one who feels this way. I’ll also take my very strong skills and entrepreneurial inclinations with me.

    If you want to preserve what makes this state great, return to the policies that helped to protect the New Hampshire advantage.

    Or end up like the clueless politicians in NY, who are now realizing that raiding the wallets of the rich and poor creates nothing but a failed state.

  2. A 40% cut in state spending would be extremely difficult: every state program benefits some constituency, usually a broad-based constituency. Also a lot of the cuts would just turn up as increased spending somewhere else. And let’s not even get into the fact that much state spending leverages federal and private-sector moneys, nor the fact that some state agencies (e.g, the liquor commission, the lottery, the turnpike authority etc. actually make money.)

    It is interesting that such a drastic cut in state spending is being seriously proposed, and yet an income tax is so unthinkable that we aren’t even supposed to speak of it.

  3. Barbara Frost says:

    How about a plan to CUT the spending in New Hampshire by at least 40%. We need to prepare for some difficult times that are coming! Give the citizens a chance to stay afloat, and remain working.

  4. ECM says:

    “I for one am open-minded to taking a look at the revenue structure in this state.”

    Except when it involves making deeper cuts, right Norelli?

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