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Blog with ties to state Dems: Schools bailing on Obama speech because he is black

September 4, 2009 by Staff Reporter  
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A liberal blog is reacting angrily to news that schools in Manchester, Somersworth and Rollinsford have decided not to participate in President Barack Obama’s speech to every student in America., a small but influential blog with ties to the state Democratic party, says the schools are not participating because the president is black.

Several state Democratic lawmakers contribute to and Democratic State Chairman Ray Buckley, who called tea partiers “an unhinged mob,” is a regular writer on the site. In fact, Buckley posted his own angry reaction to the schools’ decision just prior to the story suggesting opposition to President Obama is based on race:



24 Responses to “Blog with ties to state Dems: Schools bailing on Obama speech because he is black”
  1. el polacko says:

    it’s the dems/left who can’t seem to get beyond the amount of melanin in barack’s skin and can’t seperate his policies from his skin color. these cries of ‘racism’ are played out…it just won’t work anymore, guys.

  2. Banjo says:

    The black victimhood thread doesn’t work anymore. The left, as with other things, will learn it last.

  3. Mark D E says:

    Out of my territory, but it’s the same here in Ohio. Parents, (me encluded) are honkin pissed off that the schoos (new White House spelling) which never let a picture of a republican president sully their hals,.. suddenly are havens to open covens of Obama whorship. His image everywhere, and if you dare mention the hypocrisy,..

    Thou art raaaacist, and must be cleansed from their prescense.

    Enough,. just damn enough.

    These idiot stepchildren have been raging long enough. Either own up to their actions, their mistakes, and the WIDESPREAD backlash against their fascist tendencies..

    or resign, and let a grown up handle it.

    Government takeover of industry.. check
    Government attempted takeover of medical care.. almost check
    Government intimidation and snitch lines.. check
    Government employees union goons beating people up for dissent.. check

    and these dolts can’t read a dictionary to see what a fascist is?


  4. Peter says:

    This is nothing at all new. Limbaugh has been saying for well over a decade that “the modern definition of bigot is disagreeing with a liberal.”

  5. Papa Ray says:

    Funny but the liberals forget that the only reason Obama was elected was because of his race. Without the 90 percent Black vote and over 55 percent Latino and don’t forget the Jewish that all most all voted for him, he would not be the President now or ever.

    Reverse Racism at it’s all time best.

    Now that most everyone doesn’t trust Obama, knows that his method is distraction and lies and that he is a closet Marxist is it any wonder they don’t want their kids exposed to him?

    Not only will he be a one term president, he will set the black population of America back and certainly make it harder on any other candidate and legislator from the democrat party.

    Obama has turned out to be America’s worse nightmare.

    Papa Ray

  6. kcom says:

    To put it quite simply:

    It’s not because he’s black, it’s because he’s a hack.

  7. Vinny F. says:

    Of course it is racism that is keeping schools from showing Obama speak, because they don’t want students to think it is a normal thing to have a black man as President. And racism is why people aren’t supporting Obamacare, because they think all of their doctors are going to now be Black and Hispanic instead of the good ‘ol 80 year old whitey taking care of them. Bush spent 8 years telling us that those darky Muslims are trying to kill us all, and now people are afraid of anyone with dark skin. I have a feel that American will never re-elect Obama in 2012 because he is black too.

  8. kcom says:

    To put it very simply:

    It’s not because he’s black, it’s because he’s a hack.

  9. SenatorMark4 says:

    So…now…can we finally call these people what they really are? If bashing people because they don’t believe in your policies is racist but you won’t debate it, isn’t THAT…uh…UNAMERICAN! Raaaaacist.

  10. JohnG says:

    Racism? Can you spell Van Jones or Jeremiah Wright? 22 years in a Black Liberation Theology Edifice masquerading as a Christian Church? Racists? Hmmmm.. maybe I’m missing something in the definition of the word.

  11. Jim Treacher says:

    Gotta love this line: “There is a reason that we see people wear guns when he speaks”. Um, the most famous incident, the guy with the AR-15 clone? He’s black.

    Which this guy doesn’t know because all he watches is MSNBC.

  12. Stella Baskomb says:

    Didn’t well over half the people vote for Obama? Isn’t public education a stronghold of liberal even leftist political views that largely coincide with Obama’s? Is it not possible that people who voted for McCain are not racists, but just people who saw and listened to Obama and didn’t like what they saw and heard? So now, all of a sudden, all these are racists?

    The cry of “racism” is just another attempt at political bullying by people who haven’t been persuasive using the usual means of persuasion – logic, facts, appeal to people’s common sense. When those fail, the usual tactic is bullying. The particular tactic of crying racism to win an argument is beneath contempt.

  13. Dennis says:

    Does the term “racist” have any real meaning now?

  14. Harry says:

    You would think that all these people that yell racist at the drop of a hat would have heard of the boy who cried wolf. Now, if people call me a racist, I just reply, yeah, whatever. These people should save their accusations for people are really racist, like the New Black Panthers in Pennsylvania who escaped federal prison when their charges of interfering with an election miraculously disappeared.

  15. Andrew X says:

    Please. It’s New England. You know, that hotbed of white supremacy. Waddya expect from those backward people. From those Klan marches in Cambridge to those incessant Nazi rallies in Montpelier, and remember how Massachusetts might as well have been a member of the Confederacy! Thene there’s those two drooling rabid right wing Republican Senators in Maine (and Lincoln Chaffee of course!)

    Par for the course for New England, doncha know.


  16. Rob Crawford says:

    Gotta love this line: “There is a reason that we see people wear guns when he speaks”. Um, the most famous incident, the guy with the AR-15 clone? He’s black.

  17. Bowman says:

    I suppose if RNC chairman Michael Steele wanted to address all the school children in the US that the only reason the blogger could possibly be against it is because he’s a bigot?

  18. Ralph Gizzip says:

    Mr. Buckley thinks it unimaginable to disagree with the President because of his policies. Any disagreement must be because of his race. Now that is the most unhinged opinion I’ve ever heard.

  19. Amos says:

    Good Lord that’s pathetic. The idiot left is really scraping the barrel. You can almost feel their hatred and frustration. “Screaming ‘racist’ at anyone who dared to challenge us has always worked before, why isn’t it now??”

  20. SeanNC says:

    This has been going on for more than a year. It was said by CNN’s Jack Cafferty and others that if I didn’t vote for Barack Obama it was because I was a racist. Now it seems that my opposition to Dear Leader’s policies is also racist. Is anyone surprised that the race card is being played? Does anyone think Democrats will stop playing the race card? Race got him where he is and his race will continue to feature in his strategy to win legislative priorities.

  21. Mark Turner says:

    More hate and projection from the thugs on the left.


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