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Shea-Porter Accuses Ayotte of Meeting with “Tea-Baggers”

August 28, 2009 by Patrick  
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One moment of awkwardness from Thursday night’s Portsmouth Republican City Committee meeting featuring senate candidate Kelly Ayotte.

Apparently, just prior to speaking to a robust and enthusiastic crowd of Republicans, the former attorney general hit the women’s room to freshen up. There she bumped into … second district Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter who asked Ayotte if she was there to attend a tea party. The tea party, it turned out, was on the other end of downtown Portsmouth waiting for Ms. Shea-Porter with signs accusing her of wanting to socialize America’s health care system.

Later, Shea-Porter told the press Ayotte was meeting with “the tea-baggers.” It was a crass and inappropriate accusation and she owes the former AG an apology.

Ayotte got a laugh from the crowd about the chance meeting:


10 Responses to “Shea-Porter Accuses Ayotte of Meeting with “Tea-Baggers””
  1. EDR says:

    That’s such a vile term that the left has placed upon average Americans with dissenting voices. SHAME on Carol Shea Porter! The left is so good at practicing the ‘Rules for Radicals’ it’ scary. Trying to humiliate a group can sometimes backfire. Name calling is so beneath ANY elected official!

  2. ECM says:

    I might be living in Bizarro world, but is this the type of person (Shea-Porter, that is) anyone on any side of the political divide wants representing this state in Congress??


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