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Delegation under Fire for Failing to Engage Constituents During August Recess

August 16, 2009 by Staff Reporter  
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Members of New Hampshire’s congressional delegation are under fire today from the editorial pages of the conservative New Hampshire Union Leader and the liberal Portsmouth Herald.

No time for town hall meetings

No time for town hall meetings

At issue is the fact that the Granite State’s representatives, specifically Sen. Jeanne Shaheen and Reps. Paul Hodes and Carol Shea-Porter, are not holding town hall meetings on health care reform with their constituents this August recess but instead partying with liberal bloggers and holding a smattering of so-called tele-town hall meetings—essentially controlled conference calls in which constituents are tellingly kept on “listen only mode.”

“Are they reluctant to hear unfiltered, unscreened questions and feedback on this important bill from their constituents in a forum in which other constituents can also hear and participate,” asks the Union Leader’s editors in a Sunday editorial.

“New Hampshire’s own Democratic representatives to Washington seem less than interested in using this congressional recess to hear from the general public in an unfettered way on an issue that has certainly captured public attention and created great uncertainty,” they continue.

The Herald joined the chorus.

“The whole concept of a telephone town hall meeting is flawed. We live in New England, where the town meeting form of government originated and where it still thrives. We know how a town meeting is supposed to work, and it certainly isn’t by telephone. It is neighbors meeting face-to-face to discuss the issues,” its editors state, also in a Sunday editorial.

Neither editorial credits for its detailed coverage of the delegations’ dearth of activity during the August recess.

The Herald targeted Rep. Carol Shea-Port (NH-01) for specific criticism. “So why isn’t she having any [town hall meetings],” the editors ask.

“The conclusion has to be that she doesn’t want to face questions from people who disagree with her positions, particularly on health care. We find this curious and regrettable, especially given her history of challenging her predecessor, Jeb Bradley, for nearly two years during his town hall meetings. Some might say she hounded him. (In the meantime, she was scheduled to travel to Pittsburgh on Friday for a liberal bloggers’ convention, where she was to take part in a session titled ‘Making Change Happen’),” they continue. exposed Shea-Porter’s participation in the bloggers’ convention on Friday with our story, “Shea-Porter to Speak at Liberal Blog Forum; No Town Halls Scheduled.”


21 Responses to “Delegation under Fire for Failing to Engage Constituents During August Recess”
  1. DoverJay says:

    Who can blame them, after the stocking of these meetings with loud mouthed morons by right-wing political commissars. What we need to do is start feeding the right some of it’s own medicine, carrying guns n getting all hostile. Culture War? Bring it on.

  2. Goffstown here.

    Keep it up. This state has gone blue and gone broke (Coincidence?), but can be pulled back from the brink.

  3. NHTPC says:

    @Tim: We already have been protesting for weeks.

    Want to get notices of when these will take place?
    Get on this mailing list.

  4. NHTPC says:

    We were the first to write about this…. and then Malkin picked it up.

  5. Hiker LT says:

    As proper New Hampshire tradition, Town Hall type meetings should be held ANYWAYs to encourage vigorous debate and sharing of information on the Health Care boondoggle, the Cap-n-Trade Jobs elimination fiasco, and other disastrous policies of this democratic administration.
    These meetings should be held WHETHER OR NOT the Congressional Employees ( Gregg, Shaheen, Shea-Porter, Hodes) show up as demanded by their Employers.

    These Open Town Hall meetings should have a special place with name card reserved at the podium, for the Citizen’s duly elected Representatives and Senators, who work FOR the Citizens, and should show up if requested by their employers.

    Ask yourselves – what happens when you don’t show up for work….you GET FIRED !

    Remember that on election day !

  6. Kathy from Austin says:

    Your representatives appear to be missing in action. I wonder: what is the greater sin? To flee from your constituents or to openly tell them their opinions matter not a whit in how they will vote.

    My Congressman, Lloyd Doggett, openly told the angry “mob” (aka his constituents) that even if the majority of members of his district were against the current iteration of health care “reform” that he would vote for it any way. I was stunned that he would say that I called his office to confirm that this was his position. I was told that it was. Apparently he knows better than the great unwashed about what is best for us.

    Disgusting arrogance.

  7. Sandy says:

    Looks like another episode of “Guess Their Party” here. No mention anywhere of the party affiliations of these utter cowards.

    I guess we all know the “default” answer by now.

    Democrats now fear the demos.

  8. MO says:

    Senator Amy Klobuchar frfom Minnesota is also missing in action.

    Not a peep from her staff – all meetings are”tentative” and will published when confirmed. This has been going on for two weeks. I suspect that the subjects of MN will get less than 24 hours notice and 2ill have to enter behind the union thugs.

  9. big bob says:

    My representative, Paul Kanjorski, (D-Pa) refuses to hold legitimate townhall meetings as well. No one can influence him to engage the public, and he has resorted to these cowardly phone teleconferences, complete with controlled access and questions. I would bet many more representatives across the country have lost their courage, if they ever had any, and have bailed on such interaction with their constituents.

  10. ic says:

    Let’s face it, they fear his Oneness and his Czars and Czarinas more than they fear you. The Oneness can direct his Lord inJustice Holder to investigate them, you cannot. You can scream your heads off. You don’t have to vote for them, they can always find enough votes to remain in office. Reference: 2004 Washington gubernatorial. They don’t even care if the total number of votes are more than the total number of residents. Once their “votes” are mixed in the pool of legit votes, there ain’t nothing you can do about it. They will count them all and win, eg. 2004 Wash. Or like the Honduran exPrez, they would win before the votes were casted.

  11. Jim says:

    I applaud the New Hampshire Congress members for not engaging with the citizens residing in their districts. Carefully parse what I said: notice that I did not use the word “constituents”.

    The constituents of the democrats ARE the liberal bloggers and those who read the blogs, those who would wrench the Nation rapidly into socialism.

    I applaud them for their honesty, and the clarity of their message to the people who have sent them to Washington. That message is “drop dead. We are going to do what we want”.

    The electorate put them in office, and the electorate should not complain that they are getting exactly what they voted for.

    I hope that these elitists at least announce their departure so that the people can line up along the motorcade route and wave good-bye when the recess ends.

    And I hope that they understand that not all of their former constituents will neglect to use all five fingers as they wave.

  12. Minerva says:

    They will be re-elected — as usual…

  13. Maureen Sowa says:

    I have emailed ALL the NH Congressional representatives and the only one I hear from is unfortunately not running for reelection–Senator Judd Gregg. I will WRIT IN Mickey Mouse rather than vote for any of the remaining three again for ANYTHING! Carol Shea-Porter, Paul Hodes, and Jeanne Shaheen would be incapable of chairing a local town meeting!

  14. Jim Verdolini says:

    Being a coward has never been a disqualification for political office…

  15. Tim says:

    I think that we as the citizens of NH need to hold some sort of sizeable protest to decry this clear insult to our interests.


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