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Shea-Porter to Speak at Liberal Blog Forum; No Town Halls Scheduled

August 14, 2009 by Shawn Millerick  
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No time for town hall meetings

No time for town hall meetings

A second member of New Hampshire’s congressional delegation is opting to meet with liberal bloggers instead of holding town hall meetings with constituents on the issue of health reform.

Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (NH-01) will speak in Pittsburg, PA today at Netroots Nation, an enclave of liberal bloggers intended to promote liberal public policy, educate activists on internet communication techniques and even enjoy “everything from massages to beer tastings to author signings.”

Netroots Nation is sponsored by several politically powerful unions as well as the influential liberal blog Daily Kos.

Shea-Porter has not held any town hall meetings with constituents this August recess and has no such publicly scheduled events for the balance of the month. Her office did not respond to our request for comment.

Though she appears unwilling to discuss health care with her constituents, Shea-Porter touts her support for “a robust public option” in an e-mail distributed by Netroots Nation.

Shea-Porter will also speak at a second liberal blogger party on August 24th in Concord. Yesterday, reported that Rep. Paul Hodes (NH-02), who is the Democrats’ candidate for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Judd Gregg, will speak at the so-called Blue Hampshire Bash instead of holding town hall meetings with constituents.

Shea-Porter has made a series of questionable statements in recent weeks. Last month she claimed that many of her constituents “would love to wait in line for medical care.”

Last week, Shea-Porter’s opponent Republican Manchester Mayor Frank Guinta criticized Shea-Porter for not holding town halls forums.

“The purpose of this summer break is to give Congress men and woman the chance to talk with constituents and give them the chance to express their beliefs to their elected officials,” said Frank Guinta. “One would think that if Congresswoman Shea-Porter was interested in doing either, a town hall would be one of the first things she schedules. I believe the people have the right to speak with those who represent them, I hope that the Congresswoman feels the same and follows through with a meeting face to face with citizens.”


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  54. DoverJay says:

    You actually think Guinta can beat Shea Porter? You’re an idiot.

  55. casel21 says:

    “Pittsburg” is spelled “Pittsburgh” A pet peeve because it’s such a basic fact reporters should get right.

  56. Employed NH says:

    I have called Judd and Carol’s offices frequently. I do not need a town hall with Judd because he has heard me and his opinions on this matter are pretty much in line with my thinking. I don’t think that Carol is hearing her constitutes. I want her to know that I am one of the 81% of Americans who is happy with their health care. I am a public employee and believe my employer will drop that insurance for the public insurance because it will save tax payers money. This is not what is “intended”, but I feel this is what is going to happen. I hope to peacefully attend the AARP hosted “tele-town hall” on August 19 in Manchester. Come peacefully and share your thoughts and concerns!!

  57. Barry Badas says:

    God forbid you meet with the great unwashed here in New Hampshire. Hey instead of socializing socialized medicine why don’t you try things like TORT REFORM interstate competition for insurance company’s and how about people picking insurance for what they need, I am paying insurance for my wife if she gets pregnant and after her hysterectomy! Please let capitalism work. Stay out of the way all you are doing is creating a larger problem.

  58. NH is Blue says:

    Why not go after Judd???? Why does your headline not have Judd up there too? He’s not having an town hall meetings??????

  59. Mr. Swamp says:

    What are Frank’s great ideas for health care. Basically keep everything as it is, so I have read from him. And those ” questionable comments ” you speak about, well, you know how out of context you have made them. Why not let people see the whole discussion she had? No…. You don’t want the truth. I see all the sharks in the water waiting to jump up and yell at her, but no one seems to have any better plans for the people of New Hampshire. You can bet that she will not go down. Carol 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We’re ready to help her!

  60. NH says:

    This woman is going down in 2010 you can bet that.


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