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Shea-Porter: “Many of My Constituents Would Love to Wait in Line for Medical Care”

July 23, 2009 by Staff Reporter  
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Democratic Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (NH-01) is under attack from Republicans today for claiming that many of her constituents would “love to wait in line for medical care” during a recent committee hearing on health reform.

“I just wanted to make a couple of comments. I heard one of my colleagues say ‘waiting in line,’ that people would be waiting in line for medical care. I would like to say that many of my constituents would love to wait in line for medical care,” Shea-Porter stated. “They are yanked out of line because they don’t have coverage.”

Shea-Porter has made a series of bizarre claims recently. Yesterday, revealed she claimed the stimulus bill had “improved the number of jobs” in the Granite State during a recent radio interview (the state has lost 16,000 jobs since the beginning of the year). She also drew attention this week for authoring an Op-Ed in the New Hampshire Union Leader that radically misstated the impact the cap-and-trade bill would have on the federal budget deficit. Her office later called the Union Leader to have the article corrected after it had run in the print edition.

In April, Shea-Porter’s staff evacuated her office in Manchester after a disgruntled taxpayer mailed her a teabag; part of a nationwide protest against excessive government spending.


17 Responses to “Shea-Porter: “Many of My Constituents Would Love to Wait in Line for Medical Care””
  1. Alfred says:

    I can’t believe there are people in these comments defending the health care we have now. You people must have never lived in another country.

  2. James says:

    What she is saying here is that doctors and hospitals won’t see people in here state unless they have insurance… Now, either that is true or a lie. If they won’t see people then the hospitals are violating federal law and this situation should be investigated. If doctors won’t see people for the reason of having no insurance but the people can pay the bill then there is a problem. The problem would be that these are unethical doctors and, believe me, a Government System isn’t going to fix that problem.

  3. Maddy says:

    For those trying to point out what the meaning of her statement is; it still doesn’t wash. She is accepting that there will be long lines, and those of us that aren’t standing in long lines right now, (the Majority) will be forced to so that the minority can also be in those lines. I am paying for that privilige not to be in line, some 17 million CHOOSE not to, some 12 million are illegal immigrants who shouldn’t be on any line, period. Why should those of us that like our coverage be penalized and be on long lines only to get crappy care?

  4. KB#77*ae@80 says:

    Chaz Proulx

    Wish you had been around to help me when I was in grade school and did not do my homework. I bet you could dazzle my teaches with wonderful excuses!

  5. Joni Likens says:

    ANYONE who needs healthcare in the United States can get it! Even if they don’t have insurance. Shea-Porter says “standing in line is a good thing, cos some people can not even do that right now. If Huesseins” bill is passed….there will still be people with no lines to stand in. Know who that will be? Your grandmother, Better love on her now, grandfather, mentally- ill, physically handicapped,people with chronic diseases- AIDS pts., muscular dystrophy, cancer, paralyzed, heart disease, asthma, emphysema, all those diseases that need long term care. The gov. will rationilize care, and so those that are to expensive to treat, or in there last stages, or to old just want get it. What kind of person would do this to people? Obama, thats who!

  6. Chaz Proulx says:

    Ok, for those of you who don’t understand the English language, Representative Shea-Porter was making the point that uninsured Americans aren’t even in line for health care. Thus, “they would love to be in line.”

    Here’s an analogy. If you go to a movie you don’t get in line until you have a ticket in your hand. Otherwise, why bother?

    Here’s another, you go to see Ted Nugent or Rush Limbaugh but find out that the event is sold out. I’ll bet you would love to be in line.

  7. Jean says:

    To Nick Danger The only reason this woman was elected is because she was swept up in the 2006 anti GOP election. Then she was reelected in the Obama sweep. She is called the Accidental Candidate around here. I don’t believe she will be as lucky this time around Let’s hope not.

  8. shipley130 says:

    Her constituents should first, go sign up for health care provided by the government if they qualify (the same I have paid taxes into to provide that for them). Second, prioritize your spending, put health insurance at the top of the list of things to buy. I see lots of middle class Americans buying 35,000 dollar vehicles (even when they have a perfectly running vehicle)instead of buying a clunker and putting the rest towards health insurance.

  9. Bruce says:

    Two words: TOTAL. DISGRACE.

  10. Nick Danger says:

    So when did Ms. Shea-Porter suffer her head injury?

    And what is the excuse for the voters of her district? Are there no adults there? You ELECTED this incipient socialist?

    Does Ms. Shea-Porter have any other bright ideas to help her constituents not have to pay for other personal responsibilities. Is she going to set up some sort of grocerycare system so I don’t have to buy food? After food has got to be some kind of right? How about electricity? I really really need electricity and it’s sooooooooo expensive. I think we all have a right to electricity so pony up Ms. Shea-Porter.

    And I don’t want to stand in any lines dammit!! I’m an American citizen and the Constitution says I have a right to free stuff!! Or at least stuff rich people pay for.

  11. Marie Mehegan says:

    My mother who lives in Sweden has a good friend who has been waiting for a hip replacement for two years. Now the lady can’t have one because a few months ago she developed a heart flutter. That’s what socialized medicine is like.

  12. NH Hoarse says:

    BALONEY! Even if there are some who may have told her this, MANY (if not most) of her constituents are AGAINST Obamacare (as we were against the Cap and Trade and stimulus scams). She, like many reps in Congress, DOES NOT SPEAK FOR US. This disconnect is a HUGE problem. (Didn’t Sen. Feinstein ADMIT that around 99% of her constituents were against the stimulus, but she voted for it anyway because, she said, her constituents didn’t understand the bill?!?) In response to my letters to Rep. Shea-Porter, in which I voiced my strong opposition to Obamacare, I received form letters stating how she shares my concerns about the urgent need for healthcare reform. (*&%$!) We, the People, have lost our voice.


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