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Record Low Temperatures Hit Northeast

July 14, 2009 by Patrick  
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As politicians in Washington, DC debate what to do about global warming, the Northeast has been hit with record low temperatures this morning.

According to ABC News, the cities of Binghamton and Rochester in New York and Hartford, CT experienced record lows for July today.

Meanwhile, here in the Granite State, temperatures in Concord fell to 47-degress this morning, the lowest since 1940. Temperatures in Portsmouth came within one degree of the lowest ever in July.


244 Responses to “Record Low Temperatures Hit Northeast”
  1. Wow! Liberals/Democrats are so brainwashed. As the numbskull politicians in Washington D.C., the Marxist mainstream Media, and Democrats/Marxists everywhere debate what to do about “global warming”, the northeast U.S. has been hit with record LOW temperatures. Also global temperatures have decreased since 1998 but according to the Media and the global Left the temperature should have risen greatly but it hasn’t so that proves that global warming is a Marxist hoax to destroy industry/capitalism especially to cripple the U.S. Also 2009 is so far among the coldest year in a hundred years.

    Hey liberal morons, a gas that is much less than a minute amount of 1% of the gasses in the atmosphere does not drive climate but the Sun , a nuclear fireball thousands of degreess hot and millions of time more massive than the Earth does drive climate. If the Sun went out the Earth would be negative -400 degrees instantly.

    Haven’t you democrats/Marxists destroyed industry enough? Look at unemployment at 10%. Not happy yet?

    I bet once the planet Earth is covered with a one mile sheet of ice , still Democrats/Marxists will be saying that we have conserver energy to save the planet from global warming. They will forcing us to ban regular lightbulbs for those curly expensive global warming lightbulbs that are full of mercury and will build up mercury in the environment and also demanding we ban large pickup trucks which run what little of the economy we have left (Ps. liberals have already banned both lightbulbs and trucks and that will be in effect in a few years).

  2. lou says:

    It could still be global warming. Think about it. Heat breaks apart the ice and it floats out into the ocean. Why do we put ice cubes in our warm drinks? To make it cold. So, the water that was warm cools when the ice breaks off. If you put your hand over your cold drink, what do you feel? cool air. So the cold air travels over our continent during normally warm or hot weather. We experience record low temps during the hot season. What happens to our cold drink over time? The ice cube completely melts, and the drink eventually warms up again. And so we quickly go back to regular or more than warmer temp. Whey more warmer than usual? We have less ice on our planet.

  3. ZPino says:

    I think this video clearly demonstrates that the hysteria over “global warming” is not well-founded. A cache of scientific information on the subject can be found at the following sites:visit and

  4. PizzaDeliveryBoy says:

    “Really? That is really odd because CO2 reflects heat back to the earth’s surface, and obviously that will heat the earth’s surface. Tell us Lee, how do you manage to direct additional heat at the earth’s surface without warming it?”

    Simple, paint EVERYTHING WHITE. Paint our roofs white, our cars, sports fields, the roads, and also black people will have to turn white like Michael Jackson (rip). But what about the ocean? Hmmm that’s gonna be a tough one. Ah well.

  5. Sara says:

    I think the Almighty is mocking Al Gore and his cohorts!

  6. Ima Tard 2 says:

    @Pizzaboy, you must not fall for this scheme, your climate monies and pancreas are at risk!

    In my country there is problem, and that problem is Al Gore.

    Throw Al Gore down the well

    So my monies can be free

    You must also stop his cohorts

    The evil IPC&C

  7. PizzaDeliveryBoy says:

    Ima Tard 2 – Hide your ammunitions!
    Ima Tard 2 – Hide your climate monies!
    Ima Tard 2 – Defend your freedoms!
    Ima Tard 2 – Defend your economies!

    Hahaha sounds like you’re doing try outs for a new Monty Python skit. Now that has become my favourite comedy. My dad got me into it. BTW britsh comedy is way better than american comedy, no offence intended. Any way, Monty Python, gotto love the irrevrent ranting, crafted carefully to sound like serious politics but always showin the perpetrator to be a complete git. Hahahaha too funny.

    So Mr Ima Tard 2, what’s your favourite Monty Python skit, apart from this one?

  8. PizzaDeliveryBoy says:

    “If CO2 is such a dangerous “global warming” gas, then why is the average temperature of the planet Mars MINUS 80 degrees (-80F)?? The atmosphere of mars is composed of over 95% CO2; Earth atmosphere is only 0.04% CO2 and our global temp is +57 degrees. Using IPCC global warming theory and climate models, Mars should be a roasting hot “greenhouse” – but it’s a frozen blob!! WTF, Chuck??”

    Thanks for your input Colonel Klink but if you had paid attention in science class you would know that Mars is not necessarly always frozen, well mostly, but you might have noticed that it’s a bit further away? And believe it or not even though venus is closer it actually gets less sunlight through than Mars yet it will melt your V8 in no time. Explain that one Klinker! Klink klink klink, what’s that rattle coming from, oh your head. Hah. Hah.

  9. Ima Tard 2 says:

    NOOO!!! Pizzaboy, do not be bamboozled by scheister Gore and his Global Cabal of Knights Templar Bilderburg Socialist Obama-loving US Economy Destroying Pancreas and Ammunition Stealers!

    CO2 is LIFE! Reduce it at our own peril and cause new ice age. Science is all corrupt. Only truther skeptards like myself and many here know the TRUTH. We are SPECIAL, and we must defend the pancreas of earth’s citizens!

    Hide your ammunitions!

    Hide your climate monies!

    Defend your freedoms!

    Defend your economies!

    Claims of ocean rise already causing small island nations to evacuate are LIES!

  10. PizzaDeliveryBoy says:

    “Vendicar Decarian”

    Haha dude, you’re like Mr Spock and Dr McKoy all in one. Brains and humor.
    The others? Al Bundy comes to mind. Hahahahahaha. So Mr Decarian, are you a Trekky?

  11. PizzaDeliveryBoy says:

    “1. Global Temps haven’t risen since 1999…but in fact have GONE DOWN”

    I find that hard to believe.


    Not LAG, I think you mean WAG, as in wagging school, cause you learned jack squat dude.

    “3. One good burp from ANY volcano is hundreds of times the amount of Co2 that humanity has produced in the whole of human history.”

    Haha you are so dumb. Just liek my sister, dumb blonde! Compared to us volcanoes don’t spew jack co2. Where did you go to school?

    “4. The planet was WARMER than the 1990s from 7,000BC”

    I am now treating your opinions with extreme caution.

    “5.Al Gore is a total fake, a slumlord land lord, his zink mine is a raging polluter of the water around his land…and HE is the major investor in the ‘Carbon Off-Set PONZY Scheme’…Yeah, I’m believing HIM”

    Hahaha you are plain nutty.

  12. PizzaDeliveryBoy says:

    “Too COLD to go Windsurfing!!
    Do you know who I am?”

    Well you sound like a wussy girl, am I close?

  13. PizzaDeliveryBoy says:

    “Well, since we are doomed anyway, why not just live on our feet rather than die on our knees? I say get a V-8, drive around in circles, and run the AC with the windows down.”

    V8′s oh ohhhhh. I’ll like the the rumbling sound. MMMMMMmmmm.

  14. PizzaDeliveryBoy says:

    “Just look up at the Sun.”

    If you want to go blind.

    “it’s at a solar minumum very little activity, temps around the world are much cooler.”

    Well it’s winter where I am, so no surprises there.

    “the only that changes the earths temperature is the SUN”

    How come we don’t freeze at night then?

    “Carbon Dioxide is not a polutent”

    Not normally. But we tipped the balance. You can’t say the amount in the air now is at all natural? It’s waste from industry. We don’t need it.

    “the plants need to create oxogen!”

    Plants still grew and created oxygen a thousand years ago ok?
    You are pretty dumb. I hate to say it, but man.

    “I hate stupid morons that beileve by Global warming crap brainwashed and stupid!”

    Hahaha. Whine whine whine. You’re strating to remind me of my sister.

  15. PizzaDeliveryBoy says:

    “The icecore data confirms that the temperature increased first followed by CO2 – therefore, the entire concensus argument falls on its posterior.”

    So which is increasing first now?

    “but the CO2 will drop again.”

    When the States finally go bankrupt? Heh. Hopefully they’ll last another decade. Wouldn’t mind checking out the sites (oh and some girls).

  16. PizzaDeliveryBoy says:

    “Gore “He has increased his personal wealth by 5000% over the past few years””

    I don’t think we shoudl begrudge a guy for his wealth. Not cool.
    I just say, good for him. I bet he pulls alot of chicks too. No wait, he’s married right? Hehe.

  17. PizzaDeliveryBoy says:

    This place don’t look so friendly.

  18. PizzaDeliveryBoy says:

    lobosolo – “HELLO! What that? CO2 LAGGED temperature rises? The propaganda states that CO2 CAUSES temperature rises but the evidence indicates that it is the other way around … temperature causes an increase in CO2″

    Hang on dude, all things ant equal anymoe. Mother nature was doing fine til we tipped the balance. Who was pumping out the co2 a million years ago? Not us. Other things can cause the temps to go up not just CO2. Now most of the co2 is in the oceans, I presume. If the global climate is wamring a huge body of ocean will take a long time to follow suit, and the warmer it gets the more co2 it pumps out. Now how long would that take? Maybe it goes a long way to explain it. If not, well shit, I’ll blame my teaher, haha. Be gentle, I’m only 16.

  19. PizzaDeliveryBoy says:

    VD – “Water vapour levels are of course set by surface temperature. So the Infared backscatter from the extra CO2 in the atmosphere, increases the temperature, which increases the humidity which further increases the heating effect. It’s so simple a child can understand it”

    Sounds believable to me. By the way, do you mean specific or relative humidity or both? I will go out on a limb here and assume the former is more relevant since warmer air would hold more water at the same relative humidity? So air at different temperatures but same relative humidty have different amounts of water. Watcha reckon?

  20. Ima Tard 2 says:

    VD is a BAD MAN. Blasphemer! Sir G is a GOOD MAN, upholder of truther faith! No science is to be believed, all is corrupt, wanting of our climate monies, freedoms, ammunitions, and pancreas!

    IPCC secret mission statement: All Your Climate Monies Are Belong To Us.

    IPCC stands for International Pancreas Co-optors and Controllers.

  21. Chris Fernandez says:

    Stupid Global Weirding!!!!

  22. lobosolo says:

    “It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong.” Voltare.

    I remember about 40 years ago when they were calling for the next ice age … actually, given the past few of winters, the ice age predictions might turn out to be closer than the AGW theories.

    Most AGW fanatics like to start their story around 1850 … oh about the time the Little ICE Age was ending.

    However, more recently, the period 1980-98 was a period of warming – a temperature increase of about 0.5 degrees C while CO2 rose from 340ppm to 370ppm.

    But since 1998 “global temperature” has been flat while the CO2 has risen from 370ppm to 380ppm. This means that the global temperature today is about 0.3 deg less than it would have been had the increase continued as “predicted”. … What’s that? For nearly a decade, global temperature has been statistically FLAT … You didn’t see that one in the headlines did you?

    According to data from NASA’s Goddard Institute, the warmest year on record for the USA was 1934 (not 1998 or 2005). That year replaced 1998 after NASA revised their calculation in response to an error pointed out by a Canadian researcher. With NASA now saying that 6 of the 10 warmest years were in the 1930s and 1940s, the Goracle clones have a logic gap.

    Gore’s propaganda film was challenged in court in England and among the many errors that court ruled was in the file was this tidbit. The Court found that the film was MISLEADING: that in reality, over that period the rises in CO2 LAGGED behind the temperature rises by 800-2000 years.

    HELLO! What that? CO2 LAGGED temperature rises? The propaganda states that CO2 CAUSES temperature rises but the evidence indicates that it is the other way around … temperature causes an increase in CO2 … It seems that in a court of law, not only didn’t the so-called GW “facts” and “evidence” hold up to legal scrutiny … but they were actually backwards … things that make you go hmmmmmmm …

    But a good Goracle Clone knows not to admit to anything negative. 
    Never admit that you know that carbon dioxide is only 0.038% of the atmosphere.
    Never admit that human added carbon dioxide is only about 0.003 of that percentage.
    Never admit good things like plants thrive on added carbon dioxide which increases agriculture output (more food which means more people can survive).
    Never admit that water vapor is the main greenhouse gas.
    Never admit it that the effect of water vapor is multiples more stronger than CO2.
    Never admit that Mars and other planets are warming. And that according to the scientists the warming on Jupiter, Mars, Pluto, Neptune’s Moon, and Earth is linked to increased solar activity unless you can figure out a way to blame on those sly, pesky Martians!

    And now they want to add a complex and expensive cap and trade plan that has already failed in Europe.

  23. Arrogant Bastid says:


    What brand of computer are you using? I am curious which huge American corporation you are supporting with your Canadian dollars. I bet they used a lot of fossil fuels to refine the raw materials.


    So what year are we all dead? Give me a decade, I am begging you. Share with us your wisdom, VD.

  24. Ugly American says:

    200,000? Let’s do it, baby.

    What brand of computer are you using? I am curious which huge American corporation you are supporting with your Canadian dollars. I bet they used a lot of fossil fuels to refine the raw materials.


    So what year are we all dead? Give me a decade, I am begging you. Share with us your wisdom, VD.

  25. “Ignore [anti-nuclear activists] so that Iran can complete it’s nuclear fule cycle.”

    … run by Israelis, of course. They’ll need people with experience.

  26. Vendicar Decarian says:

    “Well, well, well…” – TIM

    Tim implies that since science does has not produced a definitive answer as to why temperatures were high 55 million years ago, that they can not know why temperatures are high today.

    Tim’s logic is equivalent to that of claiming that since a medical detective can not produce a definitive reason why a 55 million year old Neanderthal died from looking at it’s skeleton, that the detective can not determine how someone dies today.

    Such thinking is Nonsense of course, and even TIM’s own reference illustrates why.

    The article provides several possible reasons why temperatures were higher, but can provide no definitive selection of which simply because there is insufficient data to choose between the various alternatives.

    The limitation of a medical detective looking at a 55 million year old hominid skeleton and the same as the limitation for paleo-climatologists. That limitation is data.

    Provide a sample of air from 55 million years ago and the reason for the warming 55 million years ago will be solved instantly.

    Poor Tim. He remains utterly Clueles..

  27. Vendicar Decarian says:

    “40 years ago this Sunday, a U.S. Senator left a woman to sufficate to death.” – Silly

    And 6 years ago a U.S. president started his campaign of war crimes that have taken the lives of 1 million Iraqi’s.

  28. Vendicar Decarian says:

    “screw you vd senator inhode is right you environazi terrorist global warming is a fraud now” – Choady

    You should really sober up a bit before you post publicly Choady. You are just embarrasing your nation.

  29. Vendicar Decarian says:

    “And ice in the Antarctic Circle is expanding….how does that work for you? ” – TIM

    It is? You should write a scientific paper on the subject because all observations show that the ice extent and ice volume are both declining rapidly.

    As the following graphic shows.

    Now where is that mytical increase you are mentioning TIM. It’s not evident in the data.

    Are you sure you just aren’t making things up and pulling non-existant facts out of your backside like the unofficial head of the Republican Party, Rush Limbaugh?

    How do you explain that the data shows your comment to be a lie TIM?

    Are you having a bad day? Are you ignorant? Are you lying? Or are you stoned on Oxycotin like George Bush and Rush?

  30. Vendicar Decarian says:

    “Al Gore is the greatest swindler ever. This guy owns mining operations in Tennessee that create some of the greatest water pollution in the state.” – Free Byrd

    Sorry. Gore owns no mines. None, Zip, Zilch, Not a one.

    Why do you feel a need to lie about such things?

    Does lying make you feel like a man, rather than the accomplishment free nothing that you are?

    Gore “He has increased his personal wealth by 5000% over the past few years”

    He has. And you sound very Jealous of his achievements.

    Why is it that you haven’t done 1/50th as well?

    Are you 1/50th less a man?

    “Under the Waxman-Marxley proposal he stands to make millions using the carbon trading scheme included in this proposal. ” – Free Byrd

    Good for him. Isn’t that the American way?

    By the way, did you support Gore’s proposals to improve airport security prior to 911. You know, things like improved screening, bars on cockpit doors, making sure that luggage flies with the passenger it’s tagged to, etc. etc. etc.

    And what did you do to oppose the Conservatives in Congress who refused to fund the security improvements on the grounds that it was wasteful spending as American Aircraft were no longer being hijacked?


    Don’t you agree that this is another example of Al Gore being right on the money, and exactly at the right time.

    I agree with the scientific community. Gore is an astonishingly intelligent and capable man.

    Too bad America turned him down for president and allowed a low life, lying Moron become president.

    Don’t you agree?

  31. Vendicar Decarian says:

    “Once upon a time people like VD, such appropriate initials by the way, were so convinced of their intellectual and other types of superiority that they stood up for the SCIENCE of EUGENICS. The rest of us hick Americans weren’t fit to breed.” – Grace

    In the U.S. and in Germany Eugenics was the love child of the Conservative movement.

    You do remember Conservatives like Teddy Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Hitler were strong supporters for the movement don’t you Grace?

    A favorable report on the results of sterilization in the then Republican state of California, the state with the most sterilizations by far, was published in book form by the biologist Paul Popenoe and was widely cited by the Nazi government as evidence that wide-reaching sterilization programs were feasible and humane. When Conservative Nazi administrators went on trial for war crimes in Nuremberg after World War II, they justified the mass sterilizations (over 450,000 in less than a decade) by citing the United States as their inspiration. American eugenicists inspired and supported Hitler’s racial purification laws, and failed to understand the connection between those policies and the eventual genocide of the Holocaust

    Thanks for reminding us of the connection.

    But through what nonsense do you conclude that this has anything at all to do with Global Warming?

  32. Vendicar Decarian says:

    “hey vendicar go off yourself you gorebot environazi” – Choady

    Wasn’t it Captian Chode at one time? I guess you were demoted for incompetence.

  33. Vendicar Decarian says:

    “Well, since we are doomed anyway, why not just live on our feet rather than die on our knees?” – Ugly American

    On your feet or on your knees it doesn’t matter.

    America is fiscally, intellecutally, morally and ethically, bankrupt Baby.

    And like a deer caught in some headlights, in your collective ignorance you don’t have a clue as to the long line of speeding problems that are coming down the road at you.

    “By the way, since you are spending so much time posting on the internet with a globally produced computer from a giant world-wide megacorporation, aren’t you being a giant part of the problem? ” – Ugly American

    My energy consumption amounts to $10 a month. Can you say the same?

    “Besides, wouldn’t warmer temperatures reult in longer growing seasons and more food for everyone?” – Ugly American

    They would if there was adequate water, and peak temperatures were not a growing threat to crop production.

    But with over 95% of the worlds glaciers receeding, and the growing desertification of places like the U.S. grain belt, food production is likely to be quite diffcult.

    Perhaps you are one of those Americans who doesn’t know anything about basic geology and thinks that wheat can be grown on top of the exposed rock of the Canadian Shield. Or thinks that the melting Arctic permafrost that is becoming a seasonal bog, is a great place to plant a corn crop.

    “But make sure the solar panel is adjusted on your lean-to so you have enough power to transmit your insufferable snark in a clear manner.” – Ugly American

    I don’t use direct PV generation (yet), Although I am pretty much Kyoto compliant in terms of emissions right now.

    How about you?

    I will however, be implementing a passive solar heating system in the next couple of years. I anticipate a reduction in heating costs and fuel consumption by at least 50%.

    How about you?

    I get about 65 MPG (measured) by the way.

    How about you?


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