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Gay Marriage Could Be Dead this Year

May 21, 2009 by Patrick  
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As reported yesterday, the New Hampshire House rejected modest changes to gay marriage legislation insisted upon by Gov. John Lynch by the slimmest of margins and instead voted to move the bill to conference committee and continue to negotiate with the Senate to come up with a final bill.

This is bad news for supporters of gay marriage. spoke to State House insiders last night who reminded us that two Senate rules make it very unlikely gay marriage legislation will get to Gov. Lynch’s desk this year. First, Senate rules dictate that at least one Republican must serve on the conference committee and second, the conference committee must be unanimous in its disposition on a final bill. But no single Republican supports gay marriage, regardless of the language, meaning unanimity is highly improbable.

Our sources told us that state Democratic Chairman Ray Buckley and Democrat leaders in the legislature are trying to conjure up maneuvers around the rules.

Stay tuned for more drama on this front.

In other news, sources tell that Republican House and Senate leaders will hold a press conference at ten o’clock this morning in Concord to call on the Democratic leadership to stop spending so much time on this single issue and instead to make a priority of the state budget, which is in shambles.

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