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Dems Misread News Events in Attack on GOP, War of Words Ensues

May 20, 2009 by Patrick  
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Give Victoria Bonney a break. The new Democratic State Party communications director is still settling into her job.

But that’s no excuse, at least if you ask her Republican counterpart Ryan Williams, for her evident misreading of a Foster’s Daily Democrat news item this morning, which Bonney attempted to turn into an attack on the GOP.

Earlier this morning Bonney distributed a breathlessly-worded press release claiming former Republican State Chairman Fergus Cullen had blasted current Chairman John Sununu in Foster’s for his “flagrant disrespect for the GOP” when Sununu “made a concerted effort to divide the already weakened Republican Party by failing to show up and vote on resolutions” during the RNC’s State Chairman’s meeting in Maryland.

There’re only two problems with Bonney’s political attack: Cullen never criticized Sununu and Foster’s never reported that he had.

“The New Hampshire Democrat Party has sunk to a new low in creating political fabrications. The Democrats should immediately apologize to Foster’s Daily Democrat for intentionally distorting the publication’s reporting and using it in their latest political smear,” said Williams, the NHGOP’s Communications Director. “Clearly, facts are proving to be no obstacle to the New Hampshire Democrat’s willingness to issue phony and deliberately false statements.”

Bonney is nevertheless standing by her interpretation of events. Though she did not return calls to, she did post her press release on a local liberal blog. One liberal blogger struck back, however, pointing out Bonney’s obvious misreading of the news story.

This is the second time in a week the New Hampshire Democrats appear to have tried to blow a fast one by the state’s media. Earlier, Bonney’s boss State Chairman Ray Buckley falsely claimed on WGIR’s Charlie Sherman Show that state Democrats had only received $5,000 over the past four years from out-of-state pro-gay marriage groups despite his earlier statements crediting their contributions of almost $150,000 with the Democrats significant victories in the 2006 election.

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