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Expect Intense Pressure on Lynch as Gay Marriage Decision Nears

May 3, 2009 by Patrick  
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At least one out-of-state conservative group plans to run television advertising directed at Democratic Gov. John Lynch, has learned, as decision time nears as to whether he will sign or veto gay marriage legislation, or allow it to become law without his signature.

Lynch has given few clues as to how he will decide. He has some time to make his decision, however, as the House and Senate in Concord must reconcile small differences between the versions of the bill they passed.

The conservative resources to flood the state come after aggressive out-of-state lobbying from homosexual rights lobbying groups effectively changed two votes in the state Senate to ensure the measure’s passage. The Human Rights Campaign boasted on its website last week that it has “worked closely with [Democratic Chair Ray] Buckley, legislators, community groups and local leaders to help elect fair-minded majorities to both the New Hampshire House of Representatives and Senate in 2006. Those gains paved the way for the legislature to pass civil unions legislation in 2007. And now there’s a real chance we’ll see marriage equality legalized in the state less than two years later.

In a related story, Ms. California Carrie Prejean stars in a new pro-traditional marriage television ad:

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