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NH Dem Boss: Tax Protesters “Have Lost Their Minds”

April 21, 2009 by Patrick  
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The thousands of taxpayers who gathered in several locations around the Granite State on Tax Day “didn’t even know what they were protesting,” according to the state’s top Democratic Party official.

“They looked like they lost their minds,” said Ray Buckley, Chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party of the protesters.

Buckley’s comments came during a debate against Republican State Chairman and former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu last night. The debate was hosted by the Manchester Chamber of Commerce.

Buckley seemed unwilling to acknowledge tax increases that recently passed the state House of Representatives during the debate. Instead he threw personal barbs at Sununu and protesting taxpayers.

Over two thousand taxpayers attended the April 15th tea party in Manchester. The Concord Monitor reported six hundred attended the protest in Concord. Two hundred showed up in Portsmouth and a couple of hundred attended a smattering of other protests in other parts of the state. The protesters are objecting to out-of-control government spending policies from both parties.

Democrats have reacted to the protesters by attacking their motives. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi claimed that the protesters did not represent real grassroots, but rather “Astroturf.” One liberal Hollywood activist even claimed that the protesters are white supremacists.

UPDATE: WGIR has the full audio clip of his statement here.

UPDATE II: The New Hampshire Advantage Coalition, which hosted the Manchester tea party, has just issued a press release calling on Ray Buckley to apologize and dings him for making the tea parties a partisan issue. We have reprinted the release below:

For Immediate Release April 21, 2009
Media Contact: Mike Biundo, Chairman

NH State Democratic Chair and DNC Vice Chair Ray Buckley calls Tea Party attendees “unhinged mob that had lost their minds”
NHAC Chairman Michael Biundo calls for Ray Buckley to apologize

Concord, NH- Today, New Hampshire Advantage Coalition Chairman Mike Biundo denounced NH Democratic Party Chair and DNC Vice Chair Ray Buckley’s comments at a public debate hosted by the Manchester Chamber of Commerce regarding attendees to April 15th Tea Parties nationwide. He demanded a public apology not only to the 1000’s NH attendees but the hundreds of thousands taxpayers, small business owners, and middle class families that attended these events nationwide.

NHAC Chairman Mike Biundo stated “As host of NH’s largest Tea Party in Manchester, I take offense to Chairman Buckley’s derogatory comments and think he should apologize to the thousands of those who attended events around the state and the hundreds of thousands who attended from around the country. The small business owners, taxpayers and middle class families that came out to protest a government that taxes too much, spends too much and is driving us to fiscal insolvency deserve our respect, not his condemnation. These hard working decent people represent what is good about our state and our nation.”

Taxpayer Tea Parties took place in several cities in NH on April 15th drawing thousands of NH families, business owners, and middle class taxpayers of all political affiliation to these events.

Biundo continued “It’s unfortunate that Chairman Buckley chooses to make this a republican versus democrat issue, these Tea Parties were in fact about New Hampshire and American issues, issues that the people are yearning for this Congress and our elected leaders to address. Chairman Buckley has blindly followed the lead of other tax and spend politicians, claiming that these participants are ignorant of why they attended these Tea Parties. The message from April 15th couldn’t be clearer, this is our country, this our state, and we are willing to work together to take it back.”


UPDATE III: The audio of Chairman Buckley is now up on the Drudge Report. Meanwhile, Buckley has not returned phone calls or e-mails seeking comment on this story. He has, however, taken to the digital pages of the liberal blog Blue Hampshire to respond to the scrutiny his comments are beginning to receive:

Well this is interesting…

It appears our wackadoo friends don’t visit here as often as I has thought…

After my comments about the teabaggers last night made it to the Concord Monitor today suddenly the wackadoo websites are bursting with faux outrage.

My google alerts let me know they are writing about me, but I don’t want their egos enlarged by giving them a “hit” so I only get a line or two of what they are saying but it seems they don’t like my mild description of the teabaggers.
So it appears they didn’t read the more colorful characterizations here and elsewhere.

Doing my best to elect NH Democrats since 1968 and getting better at it every year!
by: Ray Buckley @ Tue Apr 21, 2009 at 11:02:28 AM CDT


68 Responses to “NH Dem Boss: Tax Protesters “Have Lost Their Minds””
  1. Jetson says:

    What worries me most is the extremist elements in the tea party. I suppose you could assemble any group of people and their will be an element that truly has lost their minds. If the goal is mainly numbers, then I suppose it doesnt matter if there is any relevant dialogue, but simply a show of force. I prefer honest dialogue, or informed dialogue, to present the facts. The problem I see with that is though its hard to get to the truth, and its always spinned. For example, it seems hypocritical to totally attack the administration without admitting the collapse of the economy, and several other major situations were created by the previous administration. I see a lot of hypocrisy there, and also there are racial fanatical elements involved. I am not even a democrat, but once tried to discuss something with a so called tea party person, and received an instant death threat with the type weapon they intended to use. Sorry, folks that is someone who has lost their minds. After all, I have always been a loyal hardworking american citizen. So, this is part of the reasons the tea party is painted as radicals who have lost their minds. Even so..I understand the reasoning about protecting our constitutional rights, and also free enterprise without government interference. So, I do agree with part of the sentiment of the tea party, but would be afraid to associate because of those radical elements also.

  2. John Boissonneau says:

    Call the Dems party HQ in Concord 225-6899, they would love to hear us, I’m sure! (The phone number above is disconnected)

  3. georgeincincy says:

    Well let’s pretend the mindless observation of Sir Buckley is valid and let us contemplate why the affliction occurred.

    Let’s see the taxpayer pays taxes, his/her elected reps ignore him but listen to their great leader the Obamameister, they pay more taxes, the Obamameister finds more ways to spend their taxes again building more government and government control, their elected reps vote for more spending, the allegedly mindless pay more taxes, repeat this series many times, then the allegedly mindless have to hire tax preparers or otherwise pull their hair out trying to figure the absurd tax filing process out, former IRS agents retire and privatize tax advice for the allegedly mindless taxpayer to pay so that they can pay the non-representative government their hard earned dollars, then they decide to demonstrate their frustrations publicly and the mainstream media avoids talking about the tax day demonstration publicly in advance, but when it happens the mainstream media affix the blame for the demonstrations on the few conservative media outlets and the Republican Party. But the allegedly mindless got some action from the appeaser in chief – he insists on his cabinet to find ways to cut spending – a whopping $100 million in cuts next to $5 trillion in spending.

    Thus evolves the mindless as alleged by the astute Bucko Dem Party Chief of New Hampshire. I like to call the demonstrators frustrated – after all the taxpayer has been through and is still not be heard by their elected reps – actually in this case the NH chief of the elected reps party mocks the payers.

    Oh by the way some 37% of Bucko’s alleged mindless demonstrators were Democrats. A good sign they are beginning to use their minds – wish they would have done that on Nov 4, 2008.

    But a mindless taxpayer is good – Bucko and Obama know it is the essential element in a socialistic society of sheep.

    Where you may truly find mindless is the educational background of the Obama voter who has been dumbed down by the educational system thanks to the teacher unions and lawyers who enable frivolous lawsuits against school systems. Add to that decades of higher education infiltrated by leftist educators teaching revisionist history – laced with anti-Americanism, anti-morality, and what makes it worse and produces the 20 something Obama voter is the liberal bias of public education at the elementary through high school levels. That is mindless for yall. Actually even more mindless is the school dropout rates since Dems government programs have broken up the economically challenged family structure by making welfare the only Dad needed. Essentially all this alleged education is a clever way of mind control. Keep the public ignorant and uninformed – thanks Dems and media.

  4. I am a Tea Partier and Founder of the Tea Party Militia in St. Louis. We Support you Tea Partiers in N.H. and If there is anything we can do to Help, Please Let us Know.

    Keep Fighting the Good Fight!

  5. Tyler says:

    This is Buckley’s office phone# 603-225-8887′
    Call and leave a comment for him.
    The more, the merrier.

  6. undertow0510 says:

    Being a new resident to the state of New Hampshire and a former resident of (the peoples republic of) Massaachusettes it’s not surprising too me that the Democratic leadership of this state would be trying to trivialize the importance of the tea parties held last week by attacking the people who attended them with their typical use of name-calling and the more laughable tactic of trying making them out to be somewhat less than informed on the issues. Liberal thinking seems to become more conformist and narrow with every passing moment. Truely sad that a human beings thoughts and actions can become so predictable. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my days here in New Hampshire making sure that these people do not seize power in this state I now call home.

  7. georgeincincy says:

    So Dem Chair NH prattles on:

    The thousands of taxpayers who gathered in several locations around the Granite State on Tax Day “didn’t even know what they were protesting,” according to the state’s top Democratic Party official.

    “They looked like they lost their minds,” said Ray Buckley, Chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party of the protesters.

    Me sayeth: Does any journalist ever challenge the basis for these so called opinions?

    Buckley would know something about how a lost-minded person looks. He has mirrors.

    But let’s accept Buckley’s blather. The protestors based on Bucko’s observation would be overqualified as political leaders (I am using the term leaders generously here).

    Bucko also says the protestors do not even know what they are protesting. Hmmmm seems some US Congresspeople (Hint: liberal Democrats) do not even know what is in the legislation they lapdoggedly sign – stimulus bills, budgets, etc. – well actually any legislation. They just drink the Kool-Aid (sorry Kool Aid).

    And 99% of the media, aka lapdogs for liberal Democrats, think the same of the protestors.

    So New Hampshire-its Live Free or Die. Protesting over taxation is not mindless, what is mindless is arrogant politicians who give two sheets about the hard working taxpayer and only care about their reelection and protecting their corrupt activities. Put a ceiling on tax rates for all governments including sin taxes, communication taxes and all.

    Force government efficiency by capping taxes.

    Be proactive on term limits, vote all the bums out and give others the chance to practice accountability, transparency, frugality and efficiency.

  8. Northerneyes says:

    Well, this is interesting. I am Canadian and the best thing about New Hampshire besides the great people, the beautiful mountains, the wonderful towns and and great sking, is your licence plates “Live Free or Die”. That is the most telling plate ever. Now some guy says that it’s a mob thats lost their minds because they are expressing their freedom. WOW. Read your own plates sir. They are the inspiration, and the people that believe it are the very one’s that protect your freedoms.

  9. kirby1776 says:

    Buckley is the one that has lost his mind. You socialist scum on the left…look out the far right extremists are going to get you. FYI- heard Buckley has a very questionable background like barney.

  10. Ruth says:

    I hope more and more people will get incensed about the comments being made by the Liberals regarding the Americans who have the nerve to protest what is being done to them. I hope more and more people will step up and join another Tea Party on July 4th (Independence Day) People are finally waking up and realizing what is being done to us. Time to rise up and let these Politicians know that we mean it. It is within our power to vote them out (At least it is for now)
    so>>>>>With God’s help we will overcome!!!

  11. memri says:

    How does he know what kind of people they are. As a representative of the people did he go down there and talk to any of them. Did he make any effort to at all to find out what their issue was. Apparently not. Those people were voters. I suspect at the next election they’ll remember his remarks and how he responded to their concerns.

  12. Neil says:

    Congress and specifically the liberal politicians of this country have dug an almost insurmountable hole of a 15 trillion dollar debt with another 40+ trillion dollar in mandated government social expenses coming down the line in the next 30 years. One trillion, for those who don’t know, is a million million.
    This is absolute madness.

    So called representative Buckley and his self serving colleagues are not representing the best long term interest of this country and it’s people, and these psychotics need to voted out of power starting in 2010 so we can begin to reverse this destructive and draining course that is going to inevitably lead to a complete collapse of our once great nation. As a nation, we are all massively bankrupt already the way these people have embraced massive deficit spending and partially feeding it with higher and higher taxation, yet so one has the guts to speak the truth.

  13. Dave Davis says:

    Get used to it, jackass.

  14. John says:

    They know exactly what they are protesting. It’s this:

  15. connmonsense says:

    Get the buses rolling… A million buses would be awesome.. !!!! And what a great symbol of Independence!!

    Come to Washington to celebrate our Freedom perhaps the 4th of July would just the symbol we need to let them know we know why we are there!! We cannot give up.

    Spread the Word!

    Let’s roll!

  16. P. Steele says:

    July 4th should be the day that our country comes together and shout down the Democrat/Republican politicians. It is time to throw the bums out! We have the power and it can start in November 2010. Get rid of all incumbents!!! No one should hold an office for 20-30 years…..!!! Get rid of them!! We DO have the power. This jerk thinks he is an elite and he can talk to us this way. Well, He has to go! July 4th can change the direction of the country. Democrats and Republican should come together and get rid of these career blood-suckers….

  17. RG in NH says:

    Ray Buckley, Chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party. I have never seen someone so out of touch as you Sir.

  18. faye2 says:

    Andy Clg – I’m with you! I think it should be on July 4th in DC only. This movement needs a leader who can organize this and call for a million people at least to show up.

  19. faye2 says:

    Make a list of all dems and repubs who spend and raise
    ANY tax. Take it with you to when you vote next year. It is the only way to stop this insanity. Keep your list and add to it until 2012. We ‘mindless’ people have to get serious about showing all these idiots that we do know and care about what they are doing to us.

  20. Sam in GA says:

    At first, I was fairly perturbed about the bile coming from the left, now I just smile. They have no understanding of what’s going on so they ridicule it. Must be getting under their skin. So be it. They’re going to really be pi$$ed after Independence Day! I served 9 years active duty and have worked all my life. Never before did I even consider going to a protest, but by God, enough is enough. I went to the Atlanta tea party and seen all ethnicities, political parties, responsible, conservative Americans all, demanding that the elites in D.C. hear our voices. It’s only the beginning folks, please stay the course for the sake of our children, grandchildren, the Country, and the Constitution.

    As far as this idiot, to me he sounds a bit too familiar with being teabagged, like a man of experience. Y’all make the call.

    “Live Free or Die”

  21. Andy Cig says:

    I keep hearing people talk about holding another Tea Party.
    I think we need to have one BIG one right in DC. How about
    memorial day? We’ll have a milion tax payers march. How can
    we get this going? I don’t think they would be able to ignore
    or spin that one. It would be a great way to thank our vets.

  22. thunderbyrd says:

    This demi moron can call me a white supremacist if he wants…….call me part of an “unhinged mob” if he wants, when I protest crippling taxes designed to take from me, the RESPONSIBLE, hardworking American citizen, and give what’s mine and my childrens’ bread to the illegal alien and the chronically unemployed crack dealers. Whatever they choose to call me doesn’t matter….I am part of a voice that WILL be heard protesting the socialist agenda—that WILL NOT be silenced, whatever cowardly, predjudiced insults they choose to fling around!!!! This flaming, brain dead moron making tihs comment doesn’t seem to “get” that this “unhinged mob” he is denigrating comprises the working, INTELLIGENT portion of thinking Americans who choose to consider and weigh the issues that affect their savings, their lifestyles and the American constitution! It’s not the people who voted THEM in office, it’s not their own angry, screaming, “rich-white-man-hating” mob of blind sheeple standing around with open mouths, bleating “Feed Me, Feed Me, pay mah mohrtgage, put gahas in mah cahr—I’m ENTTITLED because I’m too dumb, stupid, and lazy to take care of my own self!” Maybe….just MAYBE, come the next election, some of those balz-less people who stayed home and refused to vote because they were pouting over the substandard choice offered up by our least-socialist party will get up off their lazy, pouting bums and make their presence known at the polls……..LORD KNOWS — they sure need to, in order to offset the crooked practices allowing indigents and illegals and freeloaders to cast 3 or 4 votes apiece at certain polling points around our cities so they’ll be assured of getting politicians in office who will steal from those who have to support their lazy-have-not backsides…….! Who was it that said there were more votes cast in Mississippi than there were people to vote?? Hmmmm. CHANGE Indeed! Yes, the next 3 years WILL bring change, but if you are a responsible, tax-paying, working person who doesn’t believe others owe him a living, you won’t like it!!!! Actually, I am GLAD that this administration is getting so extreme — maybe it will wake up some fools out there, and spur them into doing something productive besides laying around on their backsides and whining about the state of things!!!!! If socialism hits you in your pocketbook, then maybe you will finally take a stand against it!!!!!

  23. jw says:

    Anyone in NH who votes for this pig next time, shame on you!

  24. Anais says:

    Hey, Ray, Janeane Garafalo called; she wants her lithium pills back. BTW, kiss your career bye-bye, baby! It’ll be a pleasure to watch you and your liberal loser peers go down in a flaming pile of doggie doo-doo!

  25. Chris says:

    So it has come down to inflammatory accusations, has it ?

    Very good !

    The Democrats are worried.

    They should be.

  26. Katy from Texas says:

    New Hampshire conservatives …
    You are the “Live Free or Die” state, aren’t you? This is your opportunity to show your granite-strong dedication to that principal.
    Your dtate Democrat Party has slapped you across the face with their slimy gauntlet. You are taking that slap for all us conservatives, and we salute you for it. We are democrat and republican and libertarian conservatives, and we are behind you to the last breath.
    Lon live the Constitution !!

  27. Gigi says:


  28. jennie says:

    It seems to me, Mr. Ray Buckley, that the people of NH have not lost their minds, but have found their voices. They also seem to know EXACTLY what is going on in their country and are very aware of the clueless representatives they have. I am NOT from NH, but I am an attendee from a tea party. I am sure that your strictly emotional attack on the tea parties comes from the fear pulsing through your veins as you and fellow congressional members start looking at the numbers of those that protested on April 15th. The majority of people knew EXACTLY why they were there. They see on a daily basis that this country is heading down the tubes, mostly as a result of decisions made by the likes of you. And what is so pitiful is the response of liberals like the highly unintelligent bimbo from CNN who had no comprehension of what the tea parties were about BECAUSE “some attendees would be getting tax returns”. Until term limits are established for you folks, you will never understand the intelligence of hard working people. We have to think. Our survival depends upon it. You, Ray Buckley, have become fat and lazy. You need to get a real job so you can get to know the REAL AMERICAN better. Like all liberals, you simply spit and sputter and attack, just like Barney Frank, because you have NO intelligent answers for the people you represent. Claim all you want that the Tea Party attendees have lost their minds. These are the minds of citizens who will (hopefully) vote you out of office.

  29. Seamusnh says:

    The real “unhinged mob” are the MA people (and others from out of state) that come to NH to escape the problems of their home states and then want to change NH to be more like the state they left….
    The real people who have lost their minds are those that support a governor and state legistlature that are forcing gay marriage, a seat belt law, and higher taxes down the public’s throat. They never campaigned on these issues.
    Let the people vote on issues such as gay marriage. We will be voting in 2010 to “Take Back NH”…

  30. mtshootist says:

    Brother patriots, I am from Montana, if this fat SOB was out here, he would be swinging from a tree with a sign pinned on his chest saying horse thief and traitor.

  31. Donald Osborne says:

    I am coming to you from the land of Harry Reid.
    As you watch what’s happening I suggest a revisit to Germany prior to the war.
    How the Jews were demonized and blamed for everything and called terrorists.
    How Adolph sent in his community troops to find out all the information they could on their neighbors and parents.
    How Adolph confiscated the guns and you can still find the flyers that were posted, here on the internet.
    How he controlled the judges he appointed.
    Interesting reading and a shame that all that is taught now is the holocaust and not the years leading up to it or the other groups that suffered too.
    We are in scary times and it seems that many of the Jews have put our current government in office. Some of the same people who said “never again”. George Soros is interesting reading too.
    We are so totally naked to our current leaders that it’s pathetic.

  32. sfcmac says:

    Fed-up, overtaxed Americans are called “unhealthy” by the likes of David (“astroturf”) Axlerod, and ‘crazy’ by asshats like Ray Buckley.
    We are saddled with a batshit crazy socialist in the White House who plans on spending and taxing this country into a $9 trillion dollar deficit. Buckley and company are the ones in need of a shrink.

  33. Heidi says:

    I just sent this whack job a picture of my mother & I, she is 79, I am 50, I just wanted him to have a picture in his mind, the next time he thinks, “unhinged Mob”…

  34. democratsarefascists says:

    New Hampshire is, sadly, one of many states so far whacked out on Obama’s Socialist Kool-aid that it might as well be nuked.

  35. joe, farmington,NH says:

    Arragance is not one of the finer character traits one should have when running a political party as it can turn around and bite you big time. Keep up the smugness and you may find that 2010 will be a watershed year for your people.

  36. IraqWarVet says:

    And who keeps voting slugs and parasites like this guy back into orifice??? This self serving dung beetle is as ignorant of the Constitution as he is of why we protest.
    He might do well to remember people will not just roll over for is kinda of idiocy, and will remember him when his kind of idiocy comes to fruition and impoverishes us all.

  37. joe, farmington,NH says:

    Once again when a Democrat has nothing of value to add to the discussion, they revert to name calling and put downs/ Well, Mr. Buckley the moment of truth is coming faster than you know and at the next election your $100 a year wonders will be taken out of office. Keep ignoring the voting public at your own peril.

  38. marleymae says:

    These Dem/Lib “professionals” sound just like dem/lib bloggers down to the name calling. This reinforces my theory that a lot of these sheeple are simply spewing swill tossed out by Dems/Libs.

    Please be assured that the people that attended the Tea Parties are much smarter than you believe they are. You have just heared the beginnings of a lion waking up.

  39. NH says:

    Ray Buckley is the weirdest, scariest person I have ever met here in NH. I have heard stories about people who actually saw him using an ice cream cone to lure an underage boy over to his side.

    There were more like millions demonstrating all over the country, some gatherings alone were as many as to 30,000 and we knew exactly what we were protesting.

    Buckley how about the fact that your wackjob president is looting our treasury so that he can hand control over the USA to his foreign banker friends? Because that is just what happened.

    These people are owned and funded by Soros, and other outside the country. It’s sad. We’ve been taken over by communist scum.

    Buckley is a despicable lowlife of a person who would sell his own grandmother for $14. and HE is the face of the NHDP. His latest tactic is to feign ignorance. Devious and rotten he is.

  40. Andrew says:

    Well, I guess Boss Hogg would know.

  41. Andy says:

    These democrats are intellectually bankcrupt, dishonesnt. They don’t have any ideas to defend their positions, and when they can’t defend it, they demonize people of the opposite view. Why these representative of the people, of which they claimed to be, are, first of all, voted into office. Would these representatives demonized the same people who sent them to be their rep? What is their defense to the quesstion: Does US have the funds to spend for all these inane trillions of dollars? Who will pay them? they want to blur these areas. They don’t have answer to these questions! People should think before they cast their votes before they are scammed

  42. Rick says:

    People of New Hampshire, your rights are being restricted and taxes raised by the liberals in Manchester and Concord. You are on track to become a welfare state like NY, where more than 45% of the population does not pay any taxes at all. In NY the largest single source of income is SSDI(federal welfare), with food stamps, and section 8 for payment of rent. In NY this is known as the triple play. The entitlement populace in NY controls the state and makes policy. In the immortal words of Mario Cuomo “those who can work should provide for those who do not”. Enjoy watching your state go down the toilet.

  43. Nancy Moyer says:

    what I don’t get, Liberals and the Far Left Radicals have been protesting for years. To the point that they have burned our resident and soldiers in effigy. Now we peacefully voice our opinions fully within our rights and we are crazy? What’s with that? Double Standard?

  44. Sammy says:

    Sounds like NH is becoming tax heaven like MA. How is the business environment in New England? Are there lots of businesses moving to this area?

  45. Wanda says:

    Congratulations to every one on this blog who has the courage to stand up to these elitist and speak their minds! Liberal democratic elitist and the drive-by media hasn’t a clue about the “real America” out here. The only thing you’ve heard from them since election day is “we won!” If the behavior of this administration is any indication that anybody won….I’d rather NOT have the prize! It’s time for those of us who believe differently than those elitist like Nancy Pelosi (thank GOD she’s not from MY state!) to cause the same kind of uproar in getting our voices heard as the liberals do! We’re not “grass roots”? They wouldn’t know what a grass roots movement looked like if it happened under their feet! Congratulations to all the tea-baggers in America!!! We have the same rights as the liberals, contrary to popular opinion!

  46. deek says:

    It really is time to start Tarring and feathering these ayyholes again.

    How did we allow such trash to become our “leaders?”

  47. Darryl says:

    Only 24% of the people in this country pay taxes. Anyone preaching ENTITLEMENT only needs 5% of the TAXPAYERS vote to win the election. The rest have already been bought with tax dollars. Vote with your W-4 (just like the illegal aliens that are getting what you paid in SS), claim 9 exemptions and don’t pay any tax the rest of this year. Next year, on the line marked “Uncollectable Bad Debt”, write in what you have paid in SS during your life, for you will never see it.

  48. Darryl says:

    Only 24% of the people in this country pay taxes. Anyone preaching ENTITLEMENT

  49. Robert says:

    I haven’t lost my mind. The Govt,has lost because we the people can vote you people out of office! and the only way you will stay in office is to help the American people or have Acorn lie for you !

  50. Marcia says:

    The Dems have lost their soul! Nothing is sacred anymore with
    Our country is better than that.
    We need to keep up the pressure with a tea party on every
    American national holiday.

  51. Thomas says:

    I’d like to ask Mr. Buckley if he complained about George W. Bush’s administration running deficits in the $300 billion range — and then ask him to explain why I’m “insane” because I complain that Obama’s budgets mean deficits starting out at four times that size, and then running twice that size as far as the eye can see.

  52. Debbie says:

    Why is it so hard for the democrats to understand that American’s are intelligent, hard working people. We are not stupid. We can all understand that a 3.5 Trillion dollar budget is outrageous. We don’t want to work our butts off so the Federal government can spend 9.5 Billion dollars every day. We don’t want to work overtime and two jobs so we can pay the Billions in interest. Anybody who can swallow a 3.5 Trillion dollar Federal Budget and think it’s a good thing has lost their mind (or they don’t pay taxes).

  53. Arthur D. Harriman says:

    This is typical of the Liberal socialist/democrats.Anyone who disagrees with their tax and spend polices is a racist,homophobe,nutcase.The media bias is very plain to see.The democrats are going to bankrupt this country!

  54. Dahun says:

    For every person who attended these rallies thousands more agree.

  55. Let Freedom ring says:

    I was in Manchester and there were over 5,000 people in attendance, at least. And I’m a Democrat that voted for Obama in the primary and I can’t believe that the other Democrats that I voted for have totally ignored my pleas and letters and phone calls to them over the past 100 or so days… I felt that I had to go to a tea party in order to be heard. And to have Obama turn his back on us and pretend to not hear our voices is really an insult as we see him embracing dictator thugs. We tea party attendees see everything quite clearly and our minds are in fine condition. And sooner or later our voices will be heard around the world!!

  56. Karin says:

    I came over to this site from I live in NY and have moonbats of my own to battle. I stand shoulder to shoulder with you to take back your great state and mine. Eyes toward the 4th of July! Live free or die!

  57. Rita says:

    Count me in as one of the ones who have lost there minds. I guess ‘freedon of speach’ is only for liberal democrats a liberal republicans. Do not believe that this is a “FREE COUNTRY” for all, it is just for the chosen few. It is sad to see what this country has become. We were and still could be so much better!

  58. William O Folsom says:

    This guy does not speak for the NH I was born in.
    Remember the slogan “Live free or die”
    That includes peacefull demonstrations against
    Govt. over taxing and spending.
    I am retired and currently live in FL, but my
    heart remains in NH and the values I was raised with.
    NH residents, kick this loon out next election, take back
    your state.

  59. Robert D Lockman Sr says:

    Come THE 4th of JULY…DC will see how Freedom and Liberty works. Everyone who Loves America needs to let their voices ring out and demand to get back to basics, a small gov’t, states rights and strict compliance with the Constitution of The United States of America. This country belongs to the people, not the Gov’t.

  60. Bruce says:

    I’m not one to subscribe to wild conspiracy theories, but if I were going to attempt to derail the United States economy and completely destroy private enterprise, I’d set out on a path that’s pretty much identical to the one being taken by our current president and Congress.

  61. Mike says:

    Mr. Buckley we have not lost our mind, the government has lost OUR mind. We have found our voice.

  62. Tom Younce says:

    This is becoming scarier evry day. Our elected officials, who all said, once they were elected, ” Just how great the people’s voices and choices were ” are now calling them ” Stupid and they lost their minds”? HUH?
    When a Gvt. begins to absolutely fear, the citizenry, that is a GVT that thew citizen’s need to absolutely fear! These politicians have thrwon the Constitution out the window. Obama is ushering in all of the people he needs to DESTROY what liberty’s and freeedoms that we all have.
    He is wanting the absolute control of the Media, Radio and the Internet. THESE VERY THINGS that Hugo Chavez has, and says, to gaurd agaisnt those who would smear him.
    We as a people, have proven time and time again, that you can push us only so far. Then? We will push back with an even greater force.
    I have said it over and over. Obama is a terrorist and is working with the Islamic extremeists to destroy the U.S. Economy from within.
    Just look at how he deals with Chritians and then how he deals with the Muslims. One group he goes overboard insulting, the other he coddles and praises.
    We as a Nation must rise up against this administration with our voices and our votes. THAT is the ultimate power.
    Take back this great Nation in the 2010 Mid Terms. Show D.C just who wields the mightiest sword.

  63. Bruce says:

    Diggs, if we do nothing but sit on our hands and whine about it, you’re correct. The tide can still be turned, but it requires people to get off their couches and do something about it.

  64. Diggs says:

    New Hampshire is ready to become “Taxachusettes North” in a matter of just a few years. Leftards to the south, Leftards to the west, two RINO senators to the east, socialized everything to the north…New Hampshireites could only hold out so long. Congrats go to the patriotic citizens of New Hampshire for holding out the 230+ years, but with your Democratic majority, you are doomed. Sorry to see your state go the way of the rest of New England, but I guess it was inevitable. I’m guessing that’s why God took down the Old Man; He just couldn’t bear to see one of His great creations looking down on one more loony Leftard state.

  65. Bruce says:

    Since talking control of the legislature in Concord, the New Hampshire democrats have proposed or passed the following new taxes or tax hikes:

    Candy tax
    Sales tax
    Income tax
    Beverage container tax
    Cigarette tax
    Cigar tax
    Estate tax
    Meals tax
    Capital gains tax

    And, those are just the ones I could recall off the top of my head this morning. Add to that their efforts to restrict the people’s right to bear arms, and to use the power of the legislature to manipulate and restrict people’s personal behavioral choices (wait a minute, I thought Democrats were “pro-choice”…guess not) through seat belt laws, smoking bans, trans fat bans, etc.

    Tell me again, WHO’S LOST THEIR MINDS???

    Your party has become a body of self-parody, Mr Buckley. To claim that your ideological opponents don’t know what they’re talking about is a grave insult to the people of New Hampshire that will reverberate throughout the state come election time.

    Enjoy your position of power and prominence while you still can.

    Have a nice day.

    - Bruce in Brentwood

  66. ksm says:

    This is another leaf out of Saul Alinky’s playbook – demonize and discredit your opponents.

    When will Dems stop practicing the politics of personal destruction? Why does it seem that that is always their first reaction?

  67. Bruce says:

    It takes a special kind of ignorant to blow the state budget up by more than 30% over two years – knowing full well we DON’T HAVE THE MONEY to pay for it – and then turn around and say that those opposed to such fiscal lunacy have “lost their minds”.

    Have you always been this detached from reality, Mr. Buckley, or is this a more recent psychological development for you?


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