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State House Bathroom Renovations: Exclusive Photos

April 9, 2009 by Tom  
Filed under State House has obtained exclusive photos of the $72,000 State House bathroom renovation detailed in this morning’s Granite Status:

THE BATHROOM ISSUE. With the so-called “bathroom bill” passing the House by a single vote yesterday, the state GOP wants to know details of renovations made to the same State House rest room that Republican Rep. Fran Wendelboe has suggested be turned into a “unisex” facility.

The new facilities

The new facilities

Wendelboe and state GOP spokesman Ryan Williams say the $72,000 item was contained in a much larger appropriation approved late in the 2007 session.

With the restroom recently re-opened, Wendelboe sent us a photo of its fancy new sinks, sconces and marble wall and counter top. It’s a public rest room, but Wendelboe says it’s used by the women of the House and Senate leadership.

Wendelboe said she thought it was worth pointing out in these “terrible economic times,” and GOP spokesman Williams this week sent “Freedom of Information Act” requests for all the paperwork on the renovations to Commissioner of Administrative Services Linda Hodgdon and leading legislative

Before the renovations

Before the renovations

Democrats, including House speaker Terie Norelli, Senate President Sylvia Larsen, Sen. Maggie Hassan and Rep Dan Eaton.

“The extravagant renovation of the speaker and Senate president’s bathroom seems like a gross misuse of public funds, especially at a time when the Democrats are claiming that we can’t cut spending and we must raise taxes,” said Williams. “The public has a right to know how their government spends their money.”

(Photos courtesy of Fran Wendelboe)

UPDATE: News of the recession-era luxury bathroom broke on the same day that the state legislature passed a host of new tax increases on working families, including the capital gains tax and the estate tax. Senate President Sylvia Larson had to defend this expense to WMUR on Thursday night:


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