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Republicans Blast Gay Marriage Bill; Predict Lynch Will Sign

March 27, 2009 by Patrick  
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Former New Hampshire Governor and Republican State Committee Chairman John H. Sununu reacted to the New Hampshire House’s endorsement of gay marriage yesterday by saying, “[t]he small margin by which the bill passed should encourage Governor Lynch to take a stand with a clear ‘I will veto this bill if it gets to my desk’ message. New Hampshire doesn’t need this kind of legislation.”

At the same time, the Republican State Committee is pointing out the lack of a specific veto threat from Gov. Lynch. The GOP circulated a “Research Briefing” pointing out by way of contrast that Gov. Lynch quickly issued a veto threat upon the House’s passage of the death penalty repeal on Wednesday.

The GOP also pointed out that liberal blogger Dean Barker of is predicting Gov. Lynch will change his position on gay marriage. “[H]ere’s my own prediction,” wrote Barker yesterday. “If the Governor can’t find a way to bully the Senate Dems into voting this down, he will lack the political space to veto it.”

In the past, Gov. Lynch’s office has confirmed to that the governor continues to oppose gay marriage legislation, but they have fallen short of promising to veto a bill should it reach his desk. The legislation must pass the Senate before Lynch needs to make a decision.

We have appended below the GOP’s “Research Briefing” for our readers.


One Day After Threatening To Veto A Repeal Of The Death Penalty, Governor Fails To Threaten A Veto Of Same-Sex Marriage

Today, Governor Lynch Failed To “Specifically Say That He Would Veto” Legislation That Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage:

• Associated Press: “The bill, which passed the House 186-179, next goes to the Senate, where its future is uncertain. Democratic Gov. John Lynch opposes gay marriage but has not said specifically that he would veto it…” (3/26/09)

But Governor Lynch Has Repeatedly Pledged To Oppose Same-Sex Marriage During His 2004, 2006 And 2008 Campaigns:

• Concord Monitor: “Lynch replied that he, too, thinks marriage is between a man and a woman.” (10/19/04)

• Concord Monitor: “Lynch said he opposes gay marriage…” (10/27/06)

• Portsmouth Herald: “Gov. John Lynch reaffirmed his opposition to gay marriage…. ‘Marriage is going to continue as it has.’” (4/27/07)

Yesterday, Lynch “Swiftly” Vowed To Veto Legislation That Would Repeal The Death Penalty “Minutes” After It Passed:

• Concord Monitor: “Gov. John Lynch swiftly vowed to veto the bill and uphold the state’s death penalty, telling reporters he believes “there are some crimes so heinous that capital punishment is warranted. If a bill to repeal capital punishment reaches my desk, I will veto that bill.” (3/25/09)

• Union Leader: “’I do believe there are some crimes so heinous that capital punishment is warranted, and if a bill to repeal capital punishment reaches my desk I will veto that bill,’ he said minutes after the House action.” (3/25/09)

Lynch Has Also Repeatedly Pledged To Oppose A Repeal Of The Death Penalty:

• Eagle Tribune: “Gov. John Lynch has said he would veto legislation to repeal the death penalty if it reaches his desk.” (8/31/08)

• The Dartmouth: “’The governor supports our death penalty statute,’ Colin Manning, Lynch’s press secretary, said.” (1/29/09)



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