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Sununu Blasts Democrats in New Fundraising Appeal

January 18, 2009 by Patrick  
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Former Governor and new Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee John Sununu blasts Democrats in Concord in a new fundraising e-mail obtained by

“Today, I officially came out of ‘political retirement’ to accept election as Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party,” Sununu writes in the e-mail. “I am doing this because our great state is being ruined by a Democrat Party which appears not to understand what makes New Hampshire special.”

“New Hampshire is facing a crisis… a crisis in management… a crisis in spending… a crisis in accountability,” he continues.

Sununu goes on to paint an unflattering portrait of Democratic control of the Granite State, arguing they have produced the biggest state budget deficit ever, diminished the quality of state services and have failed to resolve the states omnipresent education funding mess. He does not mention popular Democratic Gov. John Lynch by name in the e-mail.

Sununu promises he can make 2010 “a great election year for Republicans” just before asking for money to make it happen.

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