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Killer of NH Cop Convicted of Capital Murder – Possible Death Penalty

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Michael Addison has been convicted of capital murder. Addison has been found guilty of shooting and killing Officer Michael Briggs on Oct. 16, 2006 in Manchester. The shooting occurred after Officer Briggs attempted to arrest Addison for his supposed role in several armed robberies just days before. Addison had admitted to killing Officer Briggs, but claimed that it was not intentional or premeditated. Officer Brigg’s widow and two young sons were present in the courtroom when the verdict was read.

Since he has been convicted of capital murder, Addison will either be imprisoned for life or will be put to death. If he is given the death penalty, he could be the first person executed in the state in almost 70 years.

The defense argued that Addison did not intend to shoot Officer Briggs, much less kill him. They argued that Addison acted recklessly, not knowingly, saying in their closing arguments that, “he did not think – he acted and he ran.” They had asked the jury to find him guilty of second-degree murder without parole which would have kept him from facing the death penalty. They had claimed that Addison suffers from “impaired brain function” and a traumatic upbringing and therefore should have been spared the risk of facing the death penalty.

The penalty phase of the trial is set to begin at the start of next week.

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