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Team McCain Recruiting Republican Candidates Locally

November 11, 2008 by admin  
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The campaign team of Sen. John McCain is endeavoring to stock fully the Republican slate in New Hampshire come Election Day, 2008.

In a blast e-mail to Republican activists, “NH McCain Team” has urged activists to “step up to the plate and serve a cause greater than yourself,” by putting their own name on the ballot this election year.

“The New Hampshire Republican Party is seeking candidates for offices up and down the ticket all around the state,” the e-mail reads. “If You Want To…Serve Your State, Help Your Republican Party Restore Common Sense to Concord, Be A Part Of John McCain’s Reform Team …THEN RUN FOR OFFICE!”

Recipients of the e-mail are encouraged to contact NH GOP Executive Director Mike Hamilton if they would like to run.

Republicans could use the help. After dominating politics in Concord for over a century, the GOP lost control of both houses of the state legislature and the executive council in the 2006 elections.


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  1. Kim Isidro says:

    John McCain is also a very good politician. he did not win because the people are not satisfied on the Republicans.”-;

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