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NH One of the Five Best in Providing Health Care for Children

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New Hampshire is one of the top five states in providing health care to children according to the Commonwealth Fund. While Iowa was number one, New England did quite well as Vermont was second, Maine was third, Massachusetts was fourth, and New Hampshire was the fifth according to the most recent data. Oklahoma was the worst in the nation.

The Commonwealth Fund was established in 1918 that aims to promote a high performing health care system that provide better access, quality, and efficiency for Americans, particularly low-income people, the uninsured, children, the elderly, and minorities. The report focused on 13 performance indicators that looked at the access, quality, costs, equity, and the potential to lead healthy lives each child had in all the states and Washington D.C.

Of the various grading factors, New Hampshire was below the national infant mortality average, below the national average of the percentage of uninsured children, and below the national average for the percentage of children at moderate/high risk for developmental day in young children. The state also was better than the nation at making sure infants received key vaccines, that its kids had both a medical and dental preventive visit in the last year, and making sure that children with mental illnesses were treated in the past year.

While New Hampshire did quite well in some areas, it flopped in the cost factor of providing health care to children. The state ranked 29th for personal care spending per capita, spending more than $5,400 per capita when the best was $3,972. The state is second to last when it comes to the average family premiums per enrolled employee for employer-based health insurance, with the high cost of $11,835.

Strong regional performances could be seen. No state south of Tennessee was in the top quartile. In New England, only Connecticut was out of the top quartile, placing 14th. The region that had the worst rankings were the southern states from Mississippi to Arizona, all ranking in the lowest quartile.

The full report can be obtained at…

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